If you are a person who frequently suffers from hangnails, I think buying a good hand lotion will help you prevent hangnails from ever occurring. This is a condition that often occurs when the sky is very dry, so applying a good hand lotion will help you keep your skin moisturized and  healthy. This article will hopefully teach you the main causes of hangnails and how you can prevent dead skin from forming. While this isn't the most serious condition, an untreated hangnail can be painful and can result in a bad hangnail infection. 

Hangnail Causes - Dead Skin, Biting Nails, etc. 

There are a couple of main reasons why you have this. 

- First, it's very possible that your hangnail is from biting your nails, as opposed to cutting them with a nail clipper. 

- Next, dead skin is often a cause. We will discuss some good hand lotions below to prevent this. 

- You can also get hangnails from cutting your finger or jamming it hard, such as playing sports like basketball. 

Hangnail Preventative Methods

- Obviously, not biting your nails is a big way to prevent hangnails, as well as keeping your nails well-trimmed. Again, NO fingernail nail biting!

- Even if you bite your nails (which I don't recommend), if you use hand lotion regularly you can prevent them from occurring. 

- You should wash your hands and keep them clean all the time, and you might want to consider also getting a good anti-bacterial hand moisturizer. 

Best Creams and Lotions to Use for Hangnails

Here is a great antiobiotic cream to use when you already have a hangnail:

Budpak Maximum Strength Triple Antibiotic, New and Improved Ointment 0.5 Oz / 14 G (Pack of 4)
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Here is one great antibiotic cream you should put on AFTER washing your hands and hangnails.

Then put a bandaid on after you apply the cream.

What about some great hand lotions and creams to prevent hangnails from even happening? Remember keeping your skin dry is not good and can lead to hangnails, so it's important to keep applying lotions at least once a day.

The following lotion below does the following: 

- Natural Minerals and Tourine - Skin's own amino acid a derivative to help moisturize and fortify skin.

- Enhances the skin's natural moisture. Vitamin B5 and F to deliver intense long lasting moisture

-Contains Macadamia Nut oil to replenish dry skin and cuticles. 

Nivea Hand Cream, Smooth Indulgence, 3.5-Ounces (Pack of 3)
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This hand cream will help repair your dry hands and fingers and can definitely prevent hang nails from occurring!

Finally, you're going to want to get some strong bandaids and perhaps even an antiseptic wash to go along with it. 

I would recommend these Band Aid Bandages which actually come with antiobiotic ointment right on the pad! It's very convenient and effective. 

Best and Strongest Band Aid

It's important to get a strong band aid to stay on your finger and help cure your hangnail. They should be padded and be "tough-strip."

I think this Extreme Hold bandaid by Curad is really good because they stay on for a really long time and are easy to remove when you need to change them. Curad has other products that are similar and you might want to also check out their strips. 

Curad Extreme Hold, X-Large, 2 Inches X 3 3/4 Inches (Pack of 4)
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This is available is a variety of sizes and is sterile and latex-free.

Looking for more effective ways to treat hangnails? Here is an article that goes into a little more detail - how to prevent hangnails and the best hangnail clippers.

Hopefully using some of the Best Hand Lotions for Preventing Hangnails will help you be better prepared to deal with this condition - and also prevent it in the future!