When I was a child I got my first experience with handicap vans. I was at my house when a man came to visit with my father. He was a man that I had known throughout my life. I was surprised to see him in an automobile. This was because he was a man that used a wheelchair.

I didn't think that people in wheelchairs would be able to drive. I went up to him and asked him how he was able to drive an automobile. He told me all about handicap vans. He explained that anyone could drive as long as they can use their arms. I was surprised and I wasn't sure if I believed him.

He offered to give me ride. I told him that I would like that. So, we drove around the block and I watched as he used his arms to do everything. I asked him if it was hard to be able to drive like this.

He told me that it was difficult at first, but that he was used to it now. I asked him why everyone with a wheelchair didn't also have a car like this. He laughed and said that a lot of people were scared to try something new. I told him that I could understand that because I was scared to try new things as well.

He told me that I didn't need to be so scared about new things because a lot of the time they turned out to be great. I asked him why the handicap vans were so great. He explained that he was able to work a job because he had one of these. He said that without a mode of transportation he would never be able to work every day.

He said that a lot of people just give up when they become disabled. He said that is a shame because there is a lot of help out there for people who are willing to help themselves. He said that if people are willing to work at it, they can live very normal lives. I learned a lot in that meeting with my dad's friend.

While I didn't need handicap vans for anything, there were things in my life that I needed help with. Because of his influence I was able to start asking for help with these things. I didn't just ask for help so I didn't have to do things.

I used the example of handicap vans to help me ask people for help so that I could do more things. This made me into a more independent person. I can trace growing up back to that day.

That's when I started working at becoming something rather than watching things happen to me. Handicap vans are a great invention. I hope that disabled people everywhere will give this great invention a chance to change their lives for the better. If you are scared, just remember that you need to live your own life.

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