Men are not difficult to shop for. As long as you know the person you are choosing an item for, half of the battle is done. If you are looking for Hanukkah gifts for men, this article can certainly help narrow down the choices and possibly complete the task.

While shopping for any man, envision what the person likes and doesn’t like. Conceive what colors they wear and what sort of style or swag they have. These are a number of unique Hanukkah gift ideas for men this holiday season. There is an assortment of pricing, colors, shapes, sizes and something for every age. Some will be found online while others have the best choice in retail outlets and stores.


A mezuzah is a small parchment or scroll with certain bible verses from the Torah inscribed. This special religious gift is more personal than most. However, if you are buying a an item for a man who is a close friend or relative you will certainly choose one right for the festive season and the person with a nice Mezuzah.

Choices range from hanging prayers, Hebrew Blessings, Deuteronomy 6 and a variety of other selections. This is a present that is more intimate than most.

Although some are a little pricey, it is truly a once in a lifetime Hanukkah present.

Mezuzah Case

A Mezuzah case is truly a different gift. If the person you are purchasing for already has a scroll, get the case to match.

These come in a vast amount of singular styles, colors and shapes. They come in triangular shapes, aluminum forms, stone and glass styles. There are as many designs are there are shapes and sizes for a variety of preferences when you are making a selection.

These cases are as distinctive as the person you choose one for. These are fairly inexpensive, but will say so much more than they cost. Items you give to any individual does not necessarily have to be expensive to make it special.

Hebrew and English Bible

A Hebrew and English Bible is special in many ways. Most of them found for sale are truly heirloom quality. Optional covers of wood, leather or even gold-plated metal make them even more special.

A personal inscription can make it even more unique. This is one of the more traditional Hanukkah gifts for men, but certainly is not ordinary. Shop around to find a competitively priced one. Many shops will even offer free inscriptions or shipping and handling during this time of year.

Jewish jewelry

An exceptional piece of Jewish jewelry is a wonderful thought. Although most men don’t wear a lot of jewelry, a distinctive piece is certainly the exception to any rule. How about a one of a kind pair of cufflinks, a Star of David pendant or Kabbalah necklace?

One of the nicest pieces that go extremely well as a sentiment is a Hamsa Necklace with Priestly Blessing. Jewelry is fantastic with an inscription. Depending on how large a piece is and what material it is made of will make the price vary.


A Tallit is a Jewish Prayer Shawl characteristically worn during morning services and at synagogues. This is not generally  wore as often as it once was, but for people that still honor the practice the Tallit is a terrific gift for the occasion.

These are typically sold in a variety of cloths and in any color to conform to a number of occasions and tastes. Consider having the it embroidered with traditional Jewish motifs and exquisite designs to make it special.


The Shofar is a musical instrument formed from the horn of a kosher animal. Traditionally played in sacred ceremonies, the Shofar is ordinarily used on the Jewish New Year or Rosh Hashanah.

While the Yemenite spiritual communities use a kudu horn, the Ashkenazic and Sephardic communities generally use a ram’s horn as a Shofar. Although this is an unusual item to buy, it certainly is memorable.

It is available in different sizes, colors and materials which makes pricing differ. You can get these with or without a stand for display. There are also decorative bags for storage that are great accompaniments.

In conclusion

Lots of online merchants have all of these for sale at competitive costs. Generally making a  online purchase during this festive season gives customers special offers from many retailers like a choice of free shipping and delivery or direct delivery to the receiver. To assure your item is delivered on time, order early.

There are a number of one of a kind gifts for men during this religious celebration to choose from listed here. Prices vary and most if not all of these will be found for anyone shopping in stores or on the web.

If you choose to shop in brick and mortar counterparts for these items, check for special offers in retailer ads and Black Friday is still a great time to catch last-minute deals for a lot of these.

some of the best hanukkah gifts for men are found shopping online