How Natural Light Therapy Cures the Winter Blues

If you've had it with darkness during the winter months, then you may be ready to pick up the best Happylite sunshine simulator. Unlike traditional lights, Verilux's Happylites rely on natural light therapy to closely mimic the absent sunlight. This is a tremendous boon to anyone living in the northern hemisphere. Natural light therapy is a powerful shield against mood disorders and weakened immune systems, but you need the top units to experience the finest results.

The Deluxe Sunshine Simulator

The Happylite system is carefully tuned to tap the natural light spectrum emitted by the sun. Although several designs by Verilux are available, the Happylite Deluxe Sunshine Simulator tops the charts thanks to its exceptionally primed features. This low weight unit is well made for being stationed in any room, but it's particularly effective at work stations like home offices.

Using just a single session per day with the Deluxe Happylite is enough to stave off the worst effects of natural light deprivation. Forget worrying about finding a balance between illumination and therapy. The Happylite does both, since its structure is tailored just right to serve as a regular lamp, while directing the influential health benefits of natural light elements into your body through the eyes.

The Deluxe Happylite utilizes a ten thousand unit emitter to deliver sufficient therapy in limited sessions. There's no worry about overdoing it, though, since the Happylite is actually even safer than sun bathing. Unlike sunlight, there are no worries about harmful ultraviolet radiation with the Happylite. It simply doesn't put out light in the worrisome UV spectrum.

While this top Happylight is definitely a more expensive option, it's easy to see why it beats comparative models on the market, which are mostly lower powered Happylites sold by Verilux. The Deluxe offering is a serious powerhouse of therapeutic strength that clearly secures its position as the best Happylite sunshine simulator.

Is a Happylite really right for you? If you're prone to Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), repressed immunity in the fall and winter, frequent travel, or night time work shifts, the answer may be yes.

Benefits of Natural Light Therapy

The sort of natural light therapy issued by sunshine simulators like the Deluxe Happylite is more than a mere gimmick. Every year, millions of people living in the United States and Europe suffer crippling mood disorders as the days shorten, sunlight weakens, and night hours dominate. Seasonal depression sparked by psychological disorders like SAD can lead to weight gain and an increased incidence of illness, since experiencing this type of slump has the potential to suppress both the metabolism and immune system.

Pairing a natural light simulator with helpful nutritional boosters like Vitamin D3 supplements for sale at a growing number of merchants can turn the tide against sunlight deficiency. The human body's insatiable need for natural sunlight has only been noticed over the past decade. Fortunately, that's beginning to change, and a growing number of physicians and healthy living experts are recommending high tech action to combat the winter blues.

Purchasing a Happylite Deluxe Sunshine Simulator is just one method to push back the threat of seasonal depression, but it's one of the most promising. In the future, Happylite inspired technology may be a common sight in homes and workplaces. Until then, take action to secure your health and push back against the energy sapping powers of winter.

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