Head Pain
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Countless individuals have experienced headaches that range in various degrees, let's go over the possible correlations between individuals and headaches. First and foremost, you should consider the foods and liquids consumed and how much exercise is in your schedule. Each of these components plays a part in how the body talks if you pay attention and listen, you are likely to crack the code and find a solution.

What Causes Headaches?

Headaches can occur for many reasons, throughout this article we will cover the most common types of headaches and remedies that can alleviate them.


This headache develops over time after a physical or emotional stress, these can last hours and even days in some cases. Many people referred the feeling being a band behind the eyes or across the forehead, and could be located anywhere in the head (side, front, back).

Headache Remedy:

Engage in daily stretching, this frees up blockages and reduces muscular tension buildup in the body. Meditation can reduce the noise traffic in the mind and minimize stress from the daily routine, studies have shown to have significant health benefits such as longer life, better relationships, increased creativity and thought clarity. Meditation can be in various forms such as yoga, which involves deep breathing, stretching and moving of the body. Cooking is a form of moving meditation and can be relaxing and rewarding. Playing an instrument, painting or drawing and listening to relaxing music (classical baroque works best, or any soft soothing music).


This headache is Commonly identified with an individual experiencing a runny nose and watery eyes, usually this headache is seasonal. Studies have linked allergic reactions to MSG (mono-sodium glutamate) used in processed foods and restaurants. Headaches related to this include facial pressure, chest, neck, and shoulder pain. Along with MSG, nitrites and nitrates have also been correlated with food allergies these ingredients can be typically found in processed meats (hot-dogs, hamburgers, pork products).

Headache Remedy:

Consider being an informed consumer by finding out what the ingredients on the packages are, a great way to determine if a product is okay or not could be researching each ingredient on the web and making an informed decision thereafter. This may be overwhelming because many of the processed products on the market are "unsafe", to ensure the best quality products you can purchase organic foods at the local grocery store or farmers market. Over the years, there has been a shift in the marketplace and the demand for organic goods has increased. A good start begins with more vegetables and fruits into your diet and eliminating as many processed foods as possible, this has tremendous effects on the body and reduces headaches.


Many individuals have been victim to this and describe it as a throbbing pain and feeling severely nauseous. one may experience visual problems which include seeing stars, flickering objects and in some cases partial loss of vision. Migraines can cause fatigue. A culprit to obtaining one of these headaches can be food related, stress, hormonal or a past accident.

Headache Remedy:

Food can play a vital role in how the body talks, people should be aware of what is going on in their surroundings. Exposure to rapid flashing lights (television, video games etc) can influence how individuals feel, bright lights (overhead lights at home or work) take an effect too. It is best to relax in a dimmed room and remove over exposure to these environments, remember, everything in moderation. If you are aware of what is going on around you and listen to what the body says, it becomes easier to respond effectively.


These are most common with individuals occuring around the eye area and typically on one side. They Involve drooping eyelids, runny nose, watery eyes, and pain. Studies have shown that men are 4x more likely to have these types of headaches.

The remedies listed above are applicable to this final common headache. The above recommendations can aid in avoiding further headache related problems. One headache that can be avoided but most commonly overlooked is the headache from alcohol. This is common sense to anyone with experience using alcohol. Although there are several reasons that headaches occur, if you suffer from headaches for extended durations, it is wise to visit a doctor or natural-path for proper diagnosis. These remedies are to reduce the likelihood that you will have a headache and are not a 100% guaranteed.