If you love running or jogging or simply being out with nature and hiking, or even just a walk to get away from things, but hate the idea of ear buds or regular earphones, then here are some of the best headphones for running, or walking or jogging.


For Running

 It can be nice to run or jog with your music, but many times this can become difficult keeping the ear buds in your ears with movement or for when you start sweating, they can cause irritation in your ear, or you have to resort to bigger traditional running headphones and they can interfere with traffic noises, which you do need to hear. So, check these out for great ideas, and be comfortable the next time you go running.

There has been rave reviews for some new running headphones that are on the market now. They are basically a comfy headband with built-in speakers. No more adjusting ear buds that tend to fall out when you run, or get sweaty and fall out. Many people complain of regular earphones basically getting in the way. So, this product is one to try.

 You can get them from their website at runphones.com for Winter or Summer wear. These are great for those hard core runners who like to run in the winter, as they have these headbands in a soft warm fleece. But they also make them in lighter weight sweat wicking material for those warmer days. No more trying to stuff your headphones under a big toque! Just throw on the headband with the built-in speakers and if need be a toque over that, for those hard core dead of winter runners!

These headbands come in different colors and solve the problem for many runners who love to listen to music while out for a run. It is also a great sweatband, and it wicks away moisture. The little speakers are embedded in the band and are comfortable. You just take them out when you need to wash your headband, and then put them back in after. Easy.


Sennheiser Adidas - If you don't like the idea of a headband with integrated speakers, then you can try these Sennheiser Adidas OMX 680.This set of headphones is great for running. They have a flexible clip ear design and does not block outside noise totally so that you can still hear the traffic and other important sounds, while outside running.

 They have a good sound and a great stable fit. These are great for the toughest and sweatiest workout. They are designed to move with you for your outdoor fitness workout.

So, if you have decided this is the year to get fit, but you need your music to keep your motivated (and who wouldn't when you are dragging yourself out of bed at 5:30am!) it is nice to have some kind of hands free system, where you put on your music set up your earphones and then just lace up your shoes and go out the door, with no worries of these things falling out of your ears, or having to constantly adjust them.

 Treat yourself to some great running gear, and with all the latest in electronics on the market now, you can quickly get yourself set up for your run, jog or walk. Now you can take your music with you, especially in the winter.

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