Weight loss tips.

Best Health.

For so long I been wondering what was the best way to lose weight? What are the healthier ways to lose weight. Through my experience with weight loss dietary supplements and diets I was very dissatisfied. There a few problems with weight loss pills. Even if the pills work and you haven't changed any of your habits, then you will gain weight again. The weight loss manufacturers know this too. They're designed this way so you can keep buying them. Another one is the side effects. First off, unhealthy weight can lead to stroke or heart attack, and many other issues. So by using the pills you lose weight, but you probably have more chances of side effects harming you than the weight itself.

A lot of these diets are ridiculous as well. Atkins is strict no carb diet. Well, carbohydrates are healthy and essential for the body. There are people thought should cut back on particular carbohydrates, but it's necessary for diet. Carbs are good for providing energy for exercising. There is no short cut to healthy weight loss. There is no strict cut this out of my diet. Some people say,"I'll just eat less" or "I just need to eat less fat." Again, Atkins tells you to cut out carbs, because sugars will put more fat on you than fat in food. Forget all the salesmen weight loss mumbo jumbo.

I ate probably 10 servings of fast food a week. I felt uncomfortable with my body weight, so I started being more active. Just from hiking once a week with no diet change I didn't gain nor lose weight. Once I started becoming more active and started eating better the results happened in no time. The secret to weight loss is calorie intake and calorie burn. After our bodies burn its primary energy ATP, it starts to burn sugars down, then calories. When you intake calories what is left is stored in fat cells. The more calories stored the bigger the fat cells become. It may seem like a lot, but after a while monitoring calorie intake is natural to me now. However, I am a very active person now and I eat whatever I want, so I still indulge. You gotta sometimes. It's just a balance, however, a general healthy diet is best for health.

Most people just think of it tediously. There's plenty of fun active activities. Instead of running I play Dance Dance Revolution. Which is more than a game now, it's a fitness commitment. I played for 8 years. How rough it becomes would be equivalent to someone who has run for 8 years and can run for 2 hours non stop. but it's fun too, I love hiking as well. That is probably the best exercise in my opinion. It starts with you. You have to care for your body. You have to want it to look it's best. Feel it's best. There is only one best way to it. Eat fruits, veges and grains everyday. A couple servings of dairy and meat. Do not eat until you're full. We're only suppose to eat when we aren't hungry. When you're hungry again, eat until you are not. Exercise daily! Find fun physical activities from dancing, gardening, hiking, and sports. I lost 50 lbs in 3 months when I ate healthier and I was just dancing and hiking. The most important part to weight loss and maintaining healthy weight is the commitment. You can't just stop eating properly and stop exercising when you get there. You have to keep it up!