Health problems at work

We need to be more active

There is now more and more proof that sitting all day in front of the computer desk is harmful to our health and posture. Although, having said that, standing on our feet all day has many health problems too.  

Health problems with standing in one place

Prolonged standing contributes to many severe health problems.  People that work on cash registers in supermarkets, factory and manufacturing companies or office workers standing while working on computers.  

They may suffer from degenerative damage to their spinal joints, knees, feet and hip injuries. The first symptoms of these are aching legs and back. Bad circulation, increased stroke risk and pregnancy difficulties, which could cause pre-term abortion are other known factors from standing in one place.

Varicose veins are another health problem caused from standing for lengths of time. It starts with pain in the legs when the veins become twisted and swollen.  Signs of bad varicose veins are bulges and look like twisted rope in the leg.

People stand with their weight on one leg and then change to the other to reduce the aches. Although, the problem with this is you compensate your weight by leaning, which creates pressure on your backbone. This in turn adds pressure on the muscles in both your legs and back.

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Health problems with sitting in one place

Health problems with sitting in one place can cause obesity, increased blood pressure, and even cancer. Research has found that women are more at risk of death with cardiovascular disease. Sitting also creates the risk of a combination of Diabetes and metabolic syndrome or heart disease.

By sitting in one place, whether in front of a TV, at the office or home on your computer for more than two hours means you are at risk. I believe that means we are all at risk and guilty of that.

We all tend to slump, when sitting for any length of time, which could cause the curvature of our spine and neck injuries.

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How to reduce these health risks

For starters, I believe we should combine both sitting and standing in our professional or private life. You do not have to become a health exercise freak. It is more about doing the simple everyday things to improve muscular activity and movement to our body.

Simple exercises whether sitting or standing:

  • Walk to shop instead of driving
  • Climb the stairs instead of taking the lift
  • Take extra coffee breaks (if allowed)
  • Stretch and sit up straight in your chair or stretch when standing
  • Tighten pelvic and stomach muscles exercises
Fishing float used for exercising legsCredit: TPhotos

The size of this is ideal because she can put both feet on and roll it back and forth it also stops her from crossing her legs under the desk.

My Father came up with a good idea using an old fishing float.  It does not look the best although you could sew a nice cover for it or put it in an old sleeping bag cover.

Mum’s uses one that is about eighteen inches long.  She puts it under her desk and rolls it back and forth with her feet.  This exercises her legs, feet and ankle movements too and helps with blood circulation. She also uses it when sitting in the lounge chair while watching TV.

Stretching is another good form of movement.  You can stretch your backs, arms, legs and ankle with stretching.  These will all help to exercise the muscles that badly need improvement.

Conclusion: You do not have to overdue body exercise.  Moderation is the key word to keep your body moving.  Another important idea is not to cross your legs, this can cut off circulation to blood vessels.

We should all do whatever possible to improve our health and eating healthier is another way to do this.

Mini Exercise bike

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Stand and Sit Workstations