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Best Healthy Weight Loss Tips

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Easy Weight Loss Tips to Keep You On Track

  • Guzzle water. Water is the number one weight loss aid, period. It helps fill you up, it keeps your skin healthy and elastic which means it can bounce back in to shape after major weight loss. And more often than you know you’re eating because you’re thirsty not hungry. Aim for a gallon of water a day. Drink 1 full glass or small bottle before every meal and I guarantee you will eat less.


  • Green Tea. Green tea benefits dieters by raising their metabolism so they can burn more calories in less time. Caffeinated Green Tea has the added benefit of giving you a quick boost of energy. Drink up, even if it’s just one cup a day.


  • Spicy food. Peppers, jalapeños and cayenne pepper all boost metabolism temporarily. If you can add a little spice to a healthy dish you’ll get added flavor and a calorie burning boost.


  • Daily exercise. If you have to start small that’s okay. Just do whatever you have to do to work your way up to 30 minutes a day 7 days a week. If you think it’s not possible start with just 5 days a week and only 10 minutes. You can work your way up and make it a habit.


  • Sweat. Sweat as much as you can. Stay hydrated while working out but you’ve got to sweat to blast fat.


  • Chew sugarless gum. Chewing gives you a quick sweet fix and tricks your mind into thinking it’s eating by occupying your mouth.


  • Count calories. It’s a pain in the a$$ but calorie counters lose more weight and keep it off longer than those who don’t bother. Counting calories keeps you on track because you have a set number and it helps you budget out your daily food intake to healthier portions. You’ll also soon discover that you can gobble up 8 times as much healthy food as you can junk food for the same number of calories.


  • Fidget. Yes just fidget. Move your legs, tap your feet, pace or dance in your chair. All of those tiny movements add extra burned calories to your daily total and over a week of focused intentional fidgeting those burned calories can really add up.


  • Get help! Join an online support group; enlist friends or family members, whatever it take to have a supportive environment. Get a weight loss buddy and “compete” as well as encourage each other.


  • Reward yourself. Not with cake but with shopping, a vacation, a night out with friends, a spa or any other “just for me” rewards that won’t derail your diet. It can be as small as a book you’ve been wanting or as big as a whole new wardrobe when you hit your goal weight.


  • Kick off your blankets. Get just a bit chilly while you sleep at night (not freezing!) and you’ll burn some free calories as your body works to keep itself warm.


  • Keep a food and exercise journal. You can do a Power Point for all I care but TRACK YOUR PROGRESS! It’s important to your success that you visually see how far you’ve come. Before and after pics are especially nice. Take a start photo and one every Friday after that for 8 weeks. If you’ve been losing weight hold the pics stacked together in your hand and fan through them to literally watch yourself shrink. (Schoolyard animation style)


  • Sneak in extra exercise. Leave a couple hand weights in the bathroom. Hey…as long as you’re just sitting there. Do squats or leg lifts as you load the dish washer. Dance around the kitchen while you cook. You get the picture. Incorporate extra movement whenever you can.


  • Change your diet slowly. Start by making a commitment to eat one healthy meal each and every day. As you get the hang of it and find recipes you like start throwing in two healthy meal days each week. The more you explore healthy eating the easier it will be to choose something good for you when it’s time to eat. Work your way up until you eat a lot more healthy stuff than you do junk. Aim for 80% healthy and only 20% junk as a beginner. Even if you start out with 80% junk and 20% healthy.  Invest in a healthy cookbook if you come up drawing a blank on what to make or where to start.


  • Seek medical help if you believe you have any eating disorder. If you are an emotional over eater getting counseling can help identify and deal with your issues.


  • Find lower calorie versions of your favorite foods. Low fat is not always that helpful but lower calorie versions of your favorite salad dressing, cheese, milk, and snacks can help you stick to healthy eating without feeling deprived.


  • Cut back on red meat. There is nothing wrong with lean cuts of beef but there are less calorie dense meats. Try to make your main “meat” lean fish and chicken. If you absolutely love your red meat check with a local butcher and give venison a try. It’s extremely lean red meat and especially good in chili and ground beef dishes.


  • Keep exercise interesting. If you get bored you’ll quit. Try new things and look for fun ways to get in exercise. Camping, fishing and hiking add exercise without the same old stale routine. Adult sports, martial arts, dance, horseback riding and extreme sports like rock climbing are all more fun than a typical DVD routine.



  • Control your environment. Eat until you’re full before going grocery shopping. Stick to the outside isles and focus on produce, lean meats, and healthy dairy and whole wheat grains. Skip the junk food, if you don’t buy it, you won’t have to fight it later.


  • Ban fast food and take out from your home. Restaurants, even fat food have options that are okay to eat on a diet but it’s important that you avoid them until you have well established healthy eating patterns. When you feel confident in your ability to eat unhealthy food in moderation the “Eat This, Not That” line of books is especially helpful.



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