With so many different back massagers for chairs out there in the marketplace. Which one is going to offer me the most comfort and massaging ability, that is going to leave my back feeling fantastic. Well this all depends on what features in back massaging cushions that you are looking for. The higher end models have almost every feature you would ever need, with heat being one of the most beneficial so that your aching muscles are nice and warm ready for your smooth and invigorating massage. Let's take a quick look at three of the best massager cushions that are out there in the marketplace today.

First Back Massager Cushion For Chairs

back massager cushion for chairs with heat (35794)The first model that we are going to look at is the Homedics SBM-500H Shiatsu Therapist Heated Massaging Cushion. This model is jam packed full of wonderful and relaxing features.. Turn any chair within your home into a luxurious and relaxing massage chair within seconds. This easy to use cushion has got two independent controls for full back and shoulder massage. Other features of the machine are shiatsu massage, heating rolling massage and spot massage.

The shiatsu shoulder massage feature will give your shoulders a fantastic deep massage which is controlled by the touch of button. All you do is adjust the shoulder height position on the cushion sit back and enjoy a relaxing and deep shoulder massage.

The two separate massaging mechanisms of the cushion also heat up the cushion in around a minute to give you the best heated massage possible. There are six different massaging programs to choose from and fitting the cushion to chairs can be done quickly and easily within seconds. Transforming any ordinary chair into a fabulous massaging chair has never been any easier.

Second heated back massage for chairs

The second cushion on our list is the HoMedics QRM-400 Massaging Quad Roller Cushion with Shiatsu Travel Massage. This cushion has got a unique microprocessor built in to it that allows you to pick from 6 different massaging programs for quick targeted back relief. The command track control lets you change the width of the roller with the touch of a button. So that it fits perfectly to your body, custom fitted back massaging within seconds.

It gives you rolling and shiatsu rolling massaging, all done from 4 independent rollers which travel up and down in a soothing and smooth motion that is going to quickly ease those aching and tired muscles. There is also a spot shiatsu massage option that allows you to target pin point areas on your back. By simply holding the massaging action just in the spot were you need it most. There is also LED light which illuminates the massaging mechanisms. Also located on the back massager cushion is a demo mode which allows anyone to quickly try it before choosing which massage program is best for them.

Final heated back massager cushion for chairs

The final massaging cushion that we are going to take a look at is the Sharper Image MSG-C210 Dual Action, Shiatsu Quad Roller Massaging Cushion. This model has got a programmable control unit that has got 6 different massaging programs. Choose from rolling massage or deep kneading shiatsu massages all done with the cushion's four independent rollers which travel up and down producing a deep penetrating massage which offers you relief in just under a minute. Again you can custom fit the rollers to suit you, using the perfect fit and shiatsu spot controls. You can also quickly add heat to the cushion for an even deeper and more soothing massage. This back massager cushion for chairs comes complete with an easy to operate touch-pad and an handy carrying bag to keep the cushion well protected when not in use.