Looking for the best heavy metal guitar books? This style of guitar playing is very popular and you’ll find plenty of great guitar instruction books to help you learn the guitar techniques needed to play heavy metal guitar properly. Whether you’re a beginner or know all the tricks of the trade there are some great books out there to help you enjoy playing this form of music. In this article we examine some of the best heavy metal book for beginners and intermediate guitar players as well as some books that will give you a good challenge.

Before you begin learning metal guitar you need to know that this style can take some time to master, especially the faster solos. Many players get frustrated when they are learning with the slow progress. Take everything slow and remember to use a metronome which will help you slowly build up speed with what you’re trying to learn. Buy a speed trainer to slow down recordings which makes it easier to practice the fast phrases and runs by today’s top bands.

Metal Rhythm Guitar Vol. 1 (Troy Stetina)

Troy has produced some great books on heavy metal guitar playing this book focuses on the rhythm techniques needed to master this form of guitar playing. This book gives you the solid foundation required to play this style and start with simple exercises and moves into more advanced syncopations. You get a CD with the book to follow along and learn the techniques taught. This book is a bit older and focuses more on 80s metal styles so those who want to learn new styles of metal will need a different book.

Shred Guitar: A Guide to Extreme Rock and Metal Lead Techniques (Greg Harrison)

Learn the fast guitar playing styles of the masters such as Eddie Van Halen, Dimebag Darrell, Paul Gilbert, and many more. Book comes with a CD and you'll learn speed development, practice techniques, three notes per string scales, sweeps, economy picking, hybrid picking, fretboard tapping, and other techniques to help you master the faster side of heavy metal playing.

How to Play Metal Guitar: The Basics and Beyond (Richard Johnson)

This book provides instruction in heavy metal from today's top guitar teachers. You'll learn the secrets of your favorite artists with musical examples, charts, and more. You'll learn from such players as Andy Ellis, Jesse Gress, Joe Gore, and Dave Whitehill. They will teach you how to build your own style while exploring the many classic and modern sounds of heavy metal guitar. The book covers alternate tunings, 7-string guitar, getting a good tone, and much more. This is the perfect book for those wanting to learn this guitar style properly.

Speed Mechanics for Lead Guitar (Troy Stetina)

This book covers all the lead techniques you need for playing metal guitar. You'll learn the speed and precision needed to play this style. You’ll learn the quickest ways to get to this type of speed in your own playing and how to make your practice time count. The book comes with over 200 exercises and the examples are played on the companion CD.

How to Improve Your Metal Guitar Playing

The books mentioned will help you improve your guitar playing but with the Internet you can learn quite a bit about how to play metal guitar just by viewing videos on YouTube and picking up techniques from the players there.  If you want to learn the style properly you should probably take some lessons with a guitar teacher to learn the basics. This is important especially if you’re a beginner because you need those fundamentals before you move onto the faster style of playing that you need for heavy metal.  While you can of course learn by yourself a guitar teacher will help you learn the materials such as scales and runs to play fast on your guitar. Once you have the basics down you can turn to the Internet for the bulk of your learning or continue with a guitar teacher. Heavy metal guitar books are a great supplement but you need a good teacher too.