I have just bought a 64” inch flat screen TV and for sure I cannot keep that on the regular stand. Well I looked at those TV stands which are specifically built for heavy TV’s however the fact is that these TV stands do not give the same amount of flexibility and ease of use as the flat screen wall mounts. The Tv at 64 inches is too big is occupying a big area in my living room. In addition I will almost always be worried that my little kids while playing can knock the stand and will get hurt

Tilt and extend wall mount for Flat panel TV

Since I was in the market looking for the best mount in town I can say that I settled for the best option which is out there and that option is the mount which will tilt and extend also. There are simple wall mounts called low profile mounts which will allow the TV to be hung on the wall with no tilting or extension capabilities.

 Well that is good given the fact that it is not very expensive and you can every easily install it also but that is not what the new generation of TV’s are all about. 

Best Viewing experience

In the old CRT tube TV’s the drawback apart from the picture quality was the fact that you cannot view this screen from any angle you would like. For example, you simply cannot lie on the rug and watch the TV. More often than not you will have to make sure that you sit right in the front of the TV.

 With good technology and the LED screens it is possible now to watch the TV from any angle. To get the best out of these flat TV the best thing that you need is the wall mount that will tilt. How much tilt to TV is something that you need to decide however the most of the mounts can easily give a tilt between 5 degrees and 15 degrees? 


Best flat panel wall mount for 64" TV

The best one which I liked and bought for my 64 inch TV was Cheetah Mounts Plasma LCD Flat Screen TV Articulating Full Motion Dual Arm Wall Mount Bracket. Yes That is name of the mount . I like this one given the fact that for around $100 I had the mount which I could tilt in the up and down direction as well move in the left/right motion. Also there given the dual arm these could be extended from against the wall. Yes that much for the TV and it is going strong even now. The best part of the whole deal is that you do not have to change your position for the TV rather it is the other way. The VESA specifications are for the VES 800 mount. It is made up of solid toughened steel.

Note – Make sure that before buying check as to whether it is compatible for your TV. Each mount comes with a compatibility checklist according to VESA standards. 

Some other good brands are Sanus, OmniMount, Chief etc. 

How to mount a really heavy TV

Now comes the tough part once you have bought the heavy TV wall mount. You will need all the help to mount that heavy a TV. For sure I was not able to do it alone. I have a drywall at home and for mounting that TV I summoned my friend to help me out. The drywall of course will not support the weight of the TV and the Mount. Those plastic inserts will not work for sure.

 I located the wood studs beneath the drywall and then used good thick crews to screw the mounts into the stud. For the cable I created two holes in the wall behind the TV for in and out for the cables. It is an ugly site if you see the cables for the TV all hanging down. The entire arrangement then looks tacky. The main thing to be careful about is the height and the also that it is not the drywall that you are mounting the TV on.