herbal tea

There are many types of herbal tea and some may have a holiday spin or may be just what you need for the holiday hustle and bustle. Some of these you may have never tried or have put to the back of your cabinet until now. Here are some alternatives to synthetic remedies, as well as caffeine, as a pick me up.

Some of us need a boost to get us through the holidays, try a cup of Ginseng tea. Try Siberian Ginseng instead of red Ginseng if you have high blood pressure. It will perk you up and surely wake you up. It may give you just the energy you need to finish up the holiday shopping or bake that last batch of cookies. Ginseng works as caffeine does without the caffeine.

Suffering headaches from rushed meals or skipping meals can be annoying. One herbal blend that comes to mind to help on occasion when this is a problem is peppermint tea. Relax and drink a cup of this and soothe away that headache. Peppermint tastes great with some of your holiday goodies, like cookies, as well.

Having had too many of those holiday cookies or snacks, you can reach for the Ginger tea. Ginger is a cure for nausea. If you are sick from cookies or too much frosting from all the cakes, have a cup of ginger. This should settle your stomach.

If you've got an upset stomach from too many holiday parties, you may want to give chamomile tea a good try. This type is even safe for infants to help with colic, diluted of course. Always check with your pediatrician before using this method for your children. Drinking as little as one cup of Chamomile can settle a stomach ache quickly. It is a real soothing tea for the tummy.

Being wound up for the Christmas season is not an unusual way to feel. If you're just too edgy and hyper to sleep, you may have several choices. I highly recommend Sleepytime tea. This  has a mixture of herbs, like Chamomile, Spearmint, and Lemon Grass. You can also use valerian which is a natural way to help you relax. Passion flower blend is also a good one to try.

If you're developing a cough due to a cold, try drinking some licorice tea. Licorice root is also good for virus symptoms as it has anti-viral properties. This is not recommended if you have high blood pressure, diabetes or you're pregnant.

Stocking up some of these herbal tea varieties can be a big help during the holidays. Keep some in your purse or at the office in case of an emergency. You won't be sorry when you see how easily you can resolve some simple ailments.