I bought a Herstyler flat iron about 2 months ago, and I'm so happy with it I just had to write this review to let everyone know what a great flat iron it is.I have very curly hair, but sometimes I like to wear it in a style which requires straighter hair. I don't wear it the same way all the time. I like to explore new styles sometimes for variety. Don't you too? Who wants to be stuck with the same hairstyle every day?

I have had other flat irons in the past, but with this one I am getting better results than with some of the other irons I've owned in the past. Maybe it's the pure ceramic plates. I don't know. I was never very interested in science when I was in school, so I don't pay attention to details like that. I just listen to the results some other people have had. I figure that if it works well enough for people to want to write good reviews about it, then maybe it's worth trying. The funny thing is that now I am one of those people who was so happy with a product that I just felt writing a review was a way I could help other women with curly hair find the way to have the hairstyles they want without spending a fortune at the hairstylist.

I bought one the Herstyler "colorful seasons" flat irons. They come in a ton of colors, so there's practically no way that you won't find one in the color you want.While I was never interested in the science behind things like this, maybe you are one of those people who understands these things, so I'll give you the facts.

No More Frizzies

The "colorful seasons" flat iron from Herstyler uses solid 100% ceramic plates. They say that this means that it makes six times more negative ions than ordinary ceramic flat irons. I think they must be talking about the ones that are ceramic coated, instead of pure ceramic. I read that negative ions make your hair shinier and get rid of frizzies. That's the part I care about. No more frizzies means something to me. Negative ions doesn’t mean a thing.

Softer, Shinier Hair
They said that the negative ions also make my hair softer and shinier. I can attest to that. It really is much nicer. I love the feel of it on my neck, and when I see the highlights in the mirror, I'm really glad I have my new flat iron. I've never seen my hair look so good.

Super light, Ergonomic Design
It's light and easy to handle too. It heats up really fast. In less than 25 seconds, it's ready to go.

Adjustable Heat Control
I also like the fact that it gives me control over the heat. I know not everyone’s hair should be straightened at the same temperature. We are all different and so is our hair. So it's important to start with a lower heat setting and work your way up until you find the perfect temperature for your hair.

When I ordered my flat iron it came with a free case, which is really nice if you travel now and then. I love taking trips to new places, and the travel case comes in really handy.
My Herstyler flat iron is one of the best presents I ever gave myself.