What is fiber and why is it so important? Fiber is a carbohydrate and is not easily digested, therefore helping to keeping our digestive system clean. It was once thought that diet fiber was just fillers, but the experts are now realizing that a healthy fiber can be beneficial for your dog.

There is such a thing as too much fiber, you diet dog food fiber needs to be in appropriate amounts while making sure your dog is getting proper nutrition. If you are monitoring your dogs diet and how his food is affecting him, (a lot of pickups in the back yard), you should be able to see if he is getting too much fiber. Talk to your vet, he may have some great information on the right amount of fiber your dog needs.

A diet dog food rich with fiber can help to combat the problem of obesity, giving your pet a longer and healthier life. When a dog is carrying too much weight, just like anyone, it will slow him down and keep him from enjoying being active the way dogs are meant to be.

If your dogs' weight is under control, then he will play and have fun the way a dog should. Your dog will also need to eat less and feel content.

By creating a healthy diet dog food with some good fiber along with the proper nutrients, you will have a dog with a healthy weight, a beautiful coat, healthier nails and their eyes will be clear. They will have less problems with their joints, making it easier for them to move around. Dogs that are overweight have problems moving around, getting up and down stairs, etc...

What is another problem that be caused from lack of fiber in a dogs diet? That would be "constipation". No one wants to have a dog that is constipated and miserable.

For when a dog has digestive trouble, they are in a lot of pain and truly miserable, (and don't forget the gas). This is more common in older dogs. So if you have an older dog, fiber is extremely important to incorporate in their daily food.

So how does fiber work in a dogs' diet? We know the importance of having plenty of water for proper digestion. Well, when there is fiber in the diet, it will absorb the water, which in turn provides more bulk in the digestive tract. This helps the digested food move along much faster with the proper amount of fiber and water. Your pet will be happy and so will you.

There are some other great benefits to adding fiber to his diet. Your dog can have problems with his blood sugar just as you or I can. This is called diabetes mellitus. The fiber in his diet can help to lower and control the blood sugar by slowing the absorption process by the fiber.

There are things to watch for in a fiber diet. There is such a thing as too much fiber and can cause some problems for your dog. The key here is to make sure you are doing your research and choosing a diet dog food that is from a reputable company and does not use any by-products which include the parts of an animal that none of us would want to eat.

Make sure there is no "bone meal" which is crushed bones in your pets food. Meat should be the first ingredient and you should see fiber such as corn, wheat, barley, oats, rice, or foods that you know.

There should also be vegetables listed such as carrots, squash, etc. Your dog should be eating real food that is prepared in a healthy way. The best high fiber diet dog food will give proper nutrition will ensure your dog a long and healthy life.

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