Hiking is one of our familiy's favorite outdoor activities so it's important for us to have the best hiking boots that we can so that we are comfortable while hiking. There is nothing worse than having sore feet after just a few miles of hiking. I decided that I would find the best boots for hiking and create the hiking boot reviews
2013 list of the best. 

The first pair of hiking boots that made it on my review list are the Asolo TPS535 which are made for both men and women. These hiking boots are made of leather and they provide great comfort to the feet while walking and standing. The soles on the boots are Vibram soles making them some of the most best soles to provide the traction that hiking calls for. A waterproofing solution can be applied to them to help keep our feet dry.

Another great boot for hiking is the Wilderness Original hiking boot by Merrell. These boots are light weight and provide the comfort that a hiker needs when traveling over all types of terrain. This boot is also made of leather and the inside has a leather lining. The inner sole of this boot will mold to the shape of your foot providing more comfort than others and making it easy to handle any type of trail even with an incline. 

Asolo Mens TPS 535 V Hiking Brown Leather Boot 10.5 M US
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(price as of Oct 12, 2013)

Vasque makes the Sundowner hiking boot that offers a leather outer and a Gore-Tex lining so that your feet stay dry. It offers a thick midsole so that it provides all of the support that a hiker needs. I love the look and the feel of these boots. The Sundowner's are available in wide width too and that's a real plus in my book, it makes being able to wear thicker socks in the winter much easier and comfortable. 

The Lowa Renegade is a great hiking boot as well that deserves the hiking boot reviews 2013 list. They are light weight. Though these boots are very flexible and bendable, they still offer a great deal of support as well as comfort. Another great detail about the Renegade hiking boots is that they are great at shock absorbing. I did a little jumping as well as running while wearing them and was really impressed at how well they felt on my feet. 

Garmont also has a great hiking boot which is the Flash III XCR, they also have a thicker midsole to provide great support while taking on those rigorous trails. You'll have no problem with those rocks that get in the way of your hiking adventure. They offer enough comfort to get you through a hard day of hiking or a hard weekend of hiking. I found that they were comfortable enough to wear when walking around the city or spending a day on my feet. 

Finding hiking boots that offer everything that you need for a successful hike is going to be an easy task and you'll enjoy your hike so much more with the proper pair of hiking boots.

Women's Merrell Wilderness - The Original (11 M in Black)
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