Have Your Say: What Are the Best Brands for Home Appliances - Kitchen and Computers


Consumer electronics products are everywhere and a lot of people can't get enough of them. You wonder often what life was like before the age of computers. Here is a selection of what people are saying about their favorite brands of home appliances and consumer electronics.


The best brands for PCs, keyboards and mice, in my opinion, are iBuyPower and Logitech.  For desktops or laptops, iBuyPower has some preconfigured models or, for the geekier among us, allows one to pick the exact internal components, software, and tower desired. For keyboards and mice, Logitech produces several levels of products, allowing one to pick the inexpensive basic features only model or the latest and greatest, feature rich and more expense model.  In my experience in buying on the lower end of the product scale, the keyboards and mice have been high quality and have had a long life. - Decatur, IL

Honestly, the best brand I have found for electronics is Apple.  I was recently in college and the Internet kept going out on my friends’ computers.  I was the only person to have no internet problems; I was also the only person with an Apple computer.  They also run important programs, created by Adobe, faster and better.  I also have an Ipod Touch.  The organization is great.  I had a Microsoft Zune before but I would trade it in any day for an Ipod Touch.  It holds music and also has enough rooms for pictures and a few games to play when you are bored.  For this reason the best brand for electronics is Apple. - Clayton, MI

The best brands for me are as follows: Number one for me it KitchenAid stand mixer! This product is absolutely amazing and so useful for countless amounts of things in the kitchen. Without this product I would be lost and there is nothing else comparable to this product it is hands down the best! 2. Mopar. I am a huge Mopar fan. They make great vehicles and have done so since the day they started! 3. Apple. Apple makes quality electronic equipment. 4. Gibson. They make hands down the best quality guitars! Shortly behind them would be B.C. Rich and Schecter. Lastly would have to be Serta they make one comfortable bed! - Sandusky, OH

The best brands for laptop is dell. Dell provides the power of customization to the users and helps to design the configuration of their needs. A person can easily choose a configuration from dell website and provide various options and addons for the customer. The customer support is superior to other vendors where the users can get the complete satisfaction of their queries. The customer car executives will try hard to satisfy the customer and helps to regain the customer confidence at any cost. Dell is the renown brand for quality laptops and customized configuration laptops. - Sheffield, GBR

The best brands for buying a computer is dell. Dell has a very wide selection of computer and computer accessories. The good thing is you can get a computer customized right to your needs. Whether you need it for gaming, business, school, or just plain surfing the internet, dell has what you need. It's great because you can buy all the things you need in one place and they have a convenient easy to use website. All the major retailers stock their brand of computers and accessories. Their computers always come pre-installed with all the latest software bundles.  From laptops, desktops, speakers, keyboards. Dell has what you need. - Bay City, MI

I think my most favorite electronics company is Sony.  I love their laptops, and their cameras, and everything they make.  They are just well run electronics, and they always have great support, though I actually never need their support because everything runs perfectly.  I’ve never had any issues with their electronics.  Another electronics company I have to love is Apple.  I love the iPhone, I love the iPod, and I love iTunes (and its Genius program).  I just love the iTunes App Store, and I love all the apps.  The iPhone is such a seamless phone, it’s great for everything.  I also absolutely love Google, and everything that they do.  They just always work everything perfectly.  If they made an OS, I would buy it.  If they made a phone, I would buy it.  If they made a house?  I would buy it! - New York

The best brands for laptops are HP, and Dell. Many other computer manufacturers produce similar quality laptops, but I think those two companies are the best brands if you want to purchase a laptop. They aren't overpriced, and you get a lot of features. Toshiba and Sony are probably the next best brands of laptops. I prefer these brands to Apple. HP and Dell are both available in almost every electronics store, so it's not hard to find one if that's what you're looking for. You can also purchase them directly from their websites. There are many other brands that are similar, but I think these two are the best. - Philadelphia, PA

The best brands for computers is Lenovo. I have had many computer in the past ranging from HP, Dell, Compaq Presario, and also Gateway. I would have to say Lenovo is the best due to the great hardware they use. Most PC brands use cheaper components and set the price for the desktop or laptop extremely high. The second brand I would choose would be a HP. Hewlett-Packard's notebook line have great prices and decent hardware components. I would have to say HP also has very good support for their customers. The third best computer brand I would use would have to be a Dell. The only downside to owning a Dell would have to be their customer service. - Sparta, MO

My Turtle Beach headset is absolutely amazing!  I recently purchased it at a Best Buy store and have been very pleased with it!  I love how the surround sound stays within the headset and cannot be heard out of the headset.  Great product!! - Grand, Forks, ND