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They have a lot of cool and fancy equioment at the gym.  But everyone does not have the time to go to the gym.

Life presses in on us.  People are busy, but to stay healthy and looking good, people still need to exercise.  If you do not have time to go to the gym, or just want that little, "extra" exercise some of these nifty, "at home" exercise gadgets might just be the thing for you..


1.  Sitting on your butt; working out.

Resistance Exercise Chair

While the idea of sitting on you butt and working out is a great one, it never happens except in some lazy guys imagination.  It may be great to imagine getting something for nothing, but that is not reality.  To get ahead you need to exercise and work.

But there is a great way to exericse while you are sitting and watching television or reading.  Just don't make the mistake in thinking  that there is "no effort involved".  It does take effort and you will get a workout.

Think of this chair as "the rack".  It allows you to get a full body workout from a fully eated position.  It offers smooth motion and resistence.  Whether you are disabled, need rehab or simply want si and workout rather than eat bon-bons while watching, "American Idol"  this chair is a great workout machine made for you.

Get all your exercising done while sitting on your butt.  Simply find out more about the Exercise Resistance Chair System.

Exercise Home Ball Chair

2. Sitting on your Butt; Working out Part II

Exercise Chair office

The Resistance chair system is not the only neat way to get a little exercise while seat.  The balance ball chair is less about, "make you sweat" working out and more about encouraging good posture (and thereby gaining stronger and healthier core.

Just like sitting on a balance ball is good for your lower back and midsection so will the Home Ergonomic Balance Ball Chair be good for strenghtening your core and strenghening your abdominals and lower back while sitting.




3.  The pacing of a good workout

timex TG-971 unisex sport watch with heart rate monitor

The two exercise chairs are a great way to supplement a home workout, but they just supplement the workout.  More will be required to really, "get your fitness on" at home.

A good fitness routine has two components.  Strength Training and aerobics training.  The resistance chair can be an essential piece of your strength training.  The next item is an essential piece of your aerobics.

Aerobic activities are those ones that raise your heart rate for a long period of time.  It could be walking, jogging, tennis, aerobics, dance or many other activities.  The important thing is that you raise your heart rate to a steady level for a long period of time.  Normally this includes a form of regular repetitious activity.

The best way to tell if your heart rate stays where you want it is simply a quality geart rate monitor.  These heart rate monitors come in the shape and size of a wristwatch.

The best rated of these Digital Heart Rate Wristwatches is the simple Timex.  The Timex T5G971 Unisex Sports personal heart-rate monitor watch is a well rated for price, reliability, sturdy design and numerous functions.  It seems small but it is notable that it has a vivid and readable display, can be extended across the chest for measurments, yet still has a simple "watch" function to also tell the time.

Can the "beautiful people" be wrong about home exercise routines?

It is hard to go twosites deep on the interent without hearing something about how efficient and powerful the use of KettleBells can be.  From Jillian Michaels to Jennifer Lopez to Matthew McCaunaghy many stars love kettlebells and talk about how great kettlebells can be for a home fitness routine.

4.  There is a reason for this: KettleBells Work.

Kettlebells - One of the top tools to get fit from homeRemember what was said earlier about the two typoes of exercise, strength and aerobics.  Well there are many great exercise routines out there (like ones by Jillian Michaels) that combine both of those trainings, strength and aeorbics into one super workout package using kettlebells.

These workout routines can be so good that they will exercise muscles that you did not even know that you had.

Kettle bells come in many shapes and sizes from a light 5 pound weight to massive 70 pound versions.  The idea behind kettlebells is not to bulk up and grow huge massive muscles either.  It is about repetition, keeping the heart rate elavted and building strong, firmed and toned muscles.

Lets face it, there is even something animalistically enjoyable about swinging around a hunk of steel like the kettlebell.

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Small Inexpensive Elliptical Machine

If losing wieght is your goal, rather than bulking up, toning or strengthening, as a major part of your workout you will need to move.

Kettlebells will take care of much of that movement, by mixing aerobic and anarobic exercise.  Your watch can help you for the rest and help you to jog or walk.

But perhaps you want a little more.  Or perhaps you want something that can be utilized within the home.  Fortunatley there is a great tool for that too.

# 5  The Best Small Eliptical Machine

Small Inexpensive elliptical machine(48571)The Elliptical Machine is generally a buly tool that takes up a ton of space.  They can also be quite expensive, running up to 500$ for a fairly basic model.  Fortunately there is an affordable solution that we can get that is going to be agreat answer to our aerobic workout issues.

The Small and Inexpensive Elliptical Machine.

You see there is a solution for all the issues.  Starting out at 200$ this small elliptical machine is often on sale on Amazon for (link above) for under 100$.  It can easily be stored underneath a bed or couch and give just as good of a workout as the larger, bulkeir and more expensive model, elliptical machine.

You will nail the aerobic phase of your workout routine with this great small inexpensive elliptical machine.  Add in the Heart rate monitor and your aerobic needs are met.

Now you just have to get out and do the work.

There are a lot of home exercise gadgets that will help you get into shape.  Hopefully you can see that these are some of the best, that will really help you to get into shape from home with minimal expense.