Many people live and work in homes or buildings that have multiple floors. If you are one of these people have you thought about what you would do if there was a fire on the floor below you and you had no safe way out? Sounds scary doesn’t it and most people don’t like to think of scary things like fires but they happen. And every year thousands of people die and are injured in fires. But luckily for everyone in these situations there are companies that make portable fire escape ladders. Now some of these ladders are very nice, strong and durable but others wouldn’t be considered as such. So now you are probably wondering what the best home fire escape ladder is. Well there is one that is without a doubt the best you can buy.

home fire escape ladder

ResQLadder - The Best Fire Escape Ladder

If you are going to buy a fire escape ladder for your house, condo, apartment or office you should really consider the ResQLadder FL15SL Extended Two-Story Portable Emergency Escape Ladder with Sleeves on Chain, 15 Foot<img" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">ResQLadder Portable Emergency Escape Ladder by Bold Industries. These ladders are everything you need them to be to help you safely remove yourself and others from a second story or higher home or building in the event of an emergency. They are made with wall hooks and rungs made of 18/20 gauge steel and each rung is connected by 2/0 double loop chain. The ladders are tension tested to over 1,000 pounds meaning they are more than capable of supporting more than one person at a time, maybe even a whole family. Each ladder will come ready to use with no assembly required and parachute loaded in corrugated storage box. The parachute loading allows the ladder to be quickly and easily deployed out the designated window.

The window used should have a sill width of no more than ten inches for the ResQLadder to work. Each ladder also comes with added standoffs on each rung that hold the ladder away from the way as you are climbing down. These standoffs can be customized to the exterior wall conditions of you home or office building. When you first get you emergency ladder home hang it out the window it will be used in. Adjust the rungs as to avoid any obstructions including other windows that may be below the exiting window. Then place the ladder back in its corrugated box for storage.

 There are five sizes of ladders available 12’, 15’ 25’, 35’ and 50’. Each size comes with or with out chain sleeves. The sleeves only purpose is to make the grip more comfortable when descending. If you do decide to buy you will want to make sure you buy the correct length ladder. To know for sure simply measure from the edge of the window you plan to use to the ground then purchase the corresponding length. Each ResQLadder comes with a limited lifetime warranty and they are 100% made right here in United States.

 Now these ladders are a little more expensive than most other emergency ladders. With the starting retail price being around $100 to the small size without sleeves but when you are buying the best home fire escape ladder available what else would you expect?