Best Home Office Furniture Setup: How much will it cost?

There is something about having the possibility to work from home that appeals to a lot of people. It must be said that not everyone loves working from home. If you own a private business and you work from the comfort of your house, you will no doubt want to invest in appropriate home office furniture.

Home office desk systems

The desk is the center of any office setup. That is why those who work from home will look at buying the best or at least something that will fit their budget. The interesting thing is that you will have to determine how much you want to spend on your home office desk systems. You can buy a reasonable priced office desk for as low as $200. This type of setup will be for those who only need a desk on which to place their flat screen, keyboard or laptop. If you have a little printer, that can also be fitted on your desk. You need to take into consideration the amount of room you will need when purchasing your home office desk system. If you have to do a lot of paper work, you will want a desk with enough space to spread things around. That said, the bigger the desk you invest in, the more space it will take up. Not everyone has the luxury of a huge living room. If space isn’t a problem but money is, you can opt to buy modular home office desk system. The advantage of this is that you can add more features as you go along. This often means buying the portable drawers with wheels separately. The modular office desk provides easier mobility.

Double desk home office

If you want a contemporary feel to your home office design, you can choose the so called double desk home office furniture. This means you will have enough space on your desk to place a lot of your stationeries. The double desk means you will have sets of drawers on both sides of your desk. If you don’t want to go for the classic look, there is the cheap Co 800361 Desks Casual Double Pedestal Desk with Open Shelves that sells for $250 at Amazon and Office Depot. If your living room of your home office area is compact, you will do well to choose a desk that will not eat up all the space you have.

Home office armoire furniture

If you have to share your living room space with your children, wife and family, it can be a little annoying to try to keep everyone away from your desk. If that is an issue, you can invest in home office armoire furniture. The great thing about this is that you get to keep people away and also keep your living room tidy. Most home office armoires have features that allow you to lock things away from preying eyes. When the armoire is closed those who are not familiar with it will think it is just an ordinary cupboard. You can buy home office armoire furniture for as little as $450. The more elaborate the furniture, the more it will cost. Most armoires will allow you to place your computer and other stationary you need for your work. Until the time when you can afford to have a separate room for your home office, the office armoire will be one of the best options available.

Home office phone with headset

If you write a lot and want to avoid RSI due to constant typing, buying a home office phone with headset is another option you will need to consider. If you use software like Skype or you dictate your text, phone with headset and microphone can save a lot of time. You need to be careful when choosing the phone headset jack connection. If you choose the more generic jack, it will come in handy when you want to insert it into your computer. You don’t want to have multiple headsets for different tasks. Most office phone with headset cost $60 and upwards. Buying the most expensive is not synonymous with buying the best quality. You need to take into account your needs and budget as well. If you want to go cheaper, buying a $10 phone headset that can be used with your computer will work just fine.

Home office furniture wall units

If you have high walls in your living room or home, buying a home office furniture wall unit can fill out those unused space. That said, they can also make your living room look like a library. If you want to show off to your friends that you are an avid reader and an intellectual, you can feel out your home office furniture wall units with books and other intellectual memorabilia. That said, if you want to keep things simple and stylish, Union Square Open Style Home Office Slant Wall Unit Desks (800183) that sells for $120 at American Furniture Mart is a cheap option. This will work well for you if you only use a laptop computer as horizontal space can be limited.

Best home office shredder

If you are not into illegal deeds, you will not often need to buy shredder for your home office. That said, if you deal with very confidential documents, buying a shredder can become very essential. If you don’t need to shred that much paper, you can buy the cheap home office scissors paper shredder. It cost about $10 and can be purchased at Amazon, Sears and If you have to deal with a lot of documents, spending about $30 to $50 for a reasonably sized shredder is the way to go. Brands like Fellowes, GBC, Martin Yale, Royal and Black & Decker are worth considering.