There's really no way to tell what the best home theater speakers
are without knowing the individual situation of the home theater in question. However, there are a few basics to keep in mind.

In most situations, you'll get the best results if all of your speakers are of the same brand.

They are meant to work together and will use the same technology, so they will provide the best sound in this situation. Here's a rundown of the main brands of home theater speakers available.

Aperion's speakers are beautiful examples of decorative speakers that provide excellent sound quality. They have furniture-grade finishes for a very attractive look. They receive great reviews as well.

Aperion has several packages available. The Intimus 533-PT Cinema HD retails for around $1,900 and delivers fabulous sound without the need for a separate subwoofer.

Each speaker plugs into its own outlet, and some users may find the large towers to be too much for their aesthetics.

The Intimus 633 Concert system retails for about $2,400. It's a six-piece setup that will be best in a large room, but it delivers amazing sound.

KEF is another brand of great quality speakers. KEF's best home theater speakers may be the KHT-3005, which has egg-shaped speakers that are not only excellent in sound quality, but interesting to look at.

A favorite of audiophiles, and a cnet editor's choice, this sleek black system delivers astounding sound. It is tricky to set up, but worth it if you want that quality sound. It retails for about $1,500.

The KEF KHT 5005.2 retails for about $2,000 and has slimmer speakers than its cousin. You can mount them on the wall, stands or table. It's smaller in size and in capabilities than many similar-priced systems.

For a lower-priced option in surround sound speaker systems, consider Onkyo. Onkyo's systems are, as a rule, price pretty reasonably. The Onkyo SKS-HT240 retails for $300-$500.

This gets you six speakers and a subwoofer in a sleek aluminum finish. Of course, at this low price, you can't expect the sound quality you receive from a $1,500 system, you won't be disappointed in the quality if you're on a strict budget.