If you are tired of spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars every year to be a member of a gym that you never go to, it is time to quit and invest a bit of that cash in the best home workout equipment. For a fraction of the price of a gym membership, you can get in shape in the comfort of your own home.

When you do not have to get in the car and drive some where to get in shape, you are much more likely to stick to the routine. You are also more likely to save a lot of money besides loosing some weight in the venture when you purchase some home workout equipment for yourself.

Number One: Free Weights

One of the most versatile of the best home workout equipment that you can get are free weights. You can start out with just a set of 5 pound weights or gt a larger set of various weights that will cover whatever routine that you plan to do.

You can work many different muscles with just this one piece. The other nice thing about having these is that they are easy to store away when not in use.

Number Two: Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are a bit similar to free weights in that they can be used for many different workout routines. You can work muscles in your legs with one move and move on to your abs with the next. You can get a great set of these for a small investment. These are also easily stored under the bed or in a drawer when not in use.

Number Three: Mini Steppers

Mini steppers are the miniature versions of the large stairmasters that you have in the big gyms. These are a great workout and can really get the heart pumping. There are models that come with resistance bands attached so that you can workout the arms as you are stepping your way to a healthier you with this home workout equipment.

Make sure that you get a model that has some type of way to monitor the time and amount of steps that you have taken. This will help you to be able to track your workouts better.

Number Four: Workout DVDs

Every hot class at the gym has a workout DVD that can help you to replicate it. From the ever popular zumba to yoga and everything in between, you can get a fierce sweat going with many of these. The best thing to do is to find one or two that interests you and start there. You can build your collection over time if you find that this is something that you enjoy.

Number Five: Treadmills

No list of the best home workout equipment would be complete without treadmills on it. Walking, jogging, and running are some of the best ways to get in shape. The trouble is that mother nature does not always make it easy to go out and do these things. It might be raining or snowing when you need to go out and do your 40 minutes. This is where having a treadmill setup in your house will come in handy. You can easily jump on and get a few miles in at any time of the day with this piece.