Are you Looking to Buy the Best Honda Roto Tiller?

What are garden rototillers for?

Motorized gas rototillers are great way to make the difficult job of breaking up sod and tearing up grass quick and easy. Tilling can be done to make creating new garden beds easy and it can also be done over your entire yard before you lay new turf. A good tilling job will break up hard soil and allow plants and grass to take root. Root vegetables like carrots also need a fairly deep bed of well-tilled soil to grow properly.

Honda is a manufacturer that is well known for making some of the most powerful and reliable engines around, and their roto tilling engines keep true to this fame. If you garden frequently or if you need to till up a large area on a rural property then a roto tiller like these Honda-powered tillers are the best way to go.


Compact Gas-Powered Tiller with 4-Cycle Honda Engine (7262-00-02) by MantisMantis 7262-00-02 4-Cycle Honda Gas-Powered Tiller/CultivatorCredit: Amazon

This unit is solid entry-level Honda-powered garden tiller. Mantis' tiller is powerful enough to get through moderately stony soil and light sod without any problems. It's ideal for the re-tilling of old garden beds though it will struggle with extremely compact, untilled ground. For hard, untilled soil a larger tiller is recommended.

The Mantis tiller is only 9 inches wide which make it perfect for re-tilling garden rows where the larger tillers could never reach. It is also quite light and maneuverable, weighing only 24 pounds. Honda engines are already known for lower levels of maintenance than other engines and are even easier to take care of as it does not require any mixing of gas and oil.

Reviews of Mantis' Honda-powered tiller are quite favorable with the unit receiving an overall review score of four of five stars on Amazon. One customer said that "as far as function, it turns over a 12x4 garden bed in a few minutes easily, much nicer than doing it by hand like I used to!”


 Husqvarna DRT900H 17-Inch 160cc Honda GCV160 Rear Tine Dual Rotating Tiller (CARB Compliant)Credit: Amazon17-Inch Roto Tiller (DRT900H) with 160cc Honda GCV160 Engine by Husqvarna

 The next step up in roto-tilling is Husqvarna's 17-Inch tiller, powered by a sturdy 160cc Honda engine. This machine can easily till down into the hardest of soils and cut through most small to medium roots with no problems. The DRT900H has a forward and reverse gears and is counterweighted to make it easy to handle and sturdy.

The 17-inch tilling width means that it is not going to be able to get in between garden rows like the Mantis is but it will till up an entire garden bed in seconds. The DRT900H is good for smaller and medium sized jobs and would be a good option for rural properties with large garden beds.

A customer on Amazon, where the DRT900H received 5/5 stars, said that although they had owned many tillers in their life, this machine beats them all "hands down". They also mentioned that the engine has started "every time on the first pull" and that it is extremely easy to operate, even "with one hand, walking beside it".


'Pro-Line' Mid-Sized Garden Tiller with a 160cc Honda OHV GX Engine by Troy-BiltCredit: Amazon

'Pro-Line' Mid-Sized Garden Tiller with a 160cc Honda OHV GX Engine by Troy-Bilt

The Pro-Line from Troy-Bilt is an alternative choice for medium-sized tillers to the DRT900H. It has a similar sized Honda OHV GX engine (that comes with a two year warranty) but this one has a slightly smaller tilling width at 16 Inches. The tilling depth on the Pro-line is a bit more flexible with an adjuster that can reach a depth of 8 inches, though multiple till-and-clear runs can achieve the same effect.

Troy-Bilt's Pro-line is well suited for large gardens up to 1500 square feet but also has applications on commercial properties. Being a bit smaller than the DRT900H it is better suited to getting in between smaller garden rows, but the difference is small as both handle extremely well. The Pro-line has the option of extra attachments for different types of jobs, which can be purchased separately.

The Pro-Line reviews on Amazon have an average score of 4.5 of 5 stars. The only issue one person had was with a transmission oil leak, which was covered by warranty. One customer stated that they received the tiller quickly, assembled it easily and that they were amazed when it started on the first pull.


20-Inch Rear Tine Tiller with GX240 Honda Engine by BCS20-Inch Rear Tine Tiller with GX240 Honda Engine by BCSCredit: Amazon

The BCS 20-inch rear tine rototiller is the final word in tilling, the only step up from here is a tractor. It features 20-inch wide tines and tills to a depth of 8-inches on a single pass. The tiller is powered by a hefty Honda GX240 that gives it the grunt to get through rock-solid sod and large roots. The GX engine has been stated by customers to be very easy to start, fuel efficient and quiet for a powerful motor.

For peace of mind BCS' 20-Inch tiller features a 1 year overall warranty and a 'No-time-limit' transmission warranty on its ring and pinion gearbox. It has a tough automotive styled clutch with forward and reverse movement options. The heavy-duty tires and bull-bar front give it the stability and toughness required from such a powerful machine. BCS' tiller is suited to almost any work from residential gardening to agricultural tilling.

Reviews for the BCS 20-Inch tiller are, as expected, positive and on Amazon it has a 5/5 star rating. A pleased purchaser said that where they live the soil is especially heavy and they needed a powerful tiller. They were extremely happy with this tiller's performance and by the fact that it has started on the first go every time.


Tips for Roto Tilling

  •  When beginning to till make one pass over the area you want to dig up. If you want to go deeper into the soil use a shovel to move the tilled soil out of the way and make another pass.
  • Make sure any pets or children are away from the area you are tilling, although roto tillers are quite safe for the user you could potentially hurt a small child or animal if you don't see them.

  • Smaller tillers will be able to get through most small roots but for larger tree roots it is advisable that you cut them out first to preserve the life of the motor and roto blades.

  • The best days to till are when the ground is moist but not wet and when the wind is relatively calm. Tilling overly dry soil will create a lot of dust and tilling too wet soil will compress the air from the soil when you walk on it.

  • It is best to till and add compost up to 3 weeks before planting. This waiting time allows the natural ecology of the soil to return.