A great new trend in weddings and honeymoons is honeymoon registries. In the past, the prohibitive cost of travel has limited couples' abilities to have the dream trip they've wanted. No longer! Now, there are dozens of companies online that offer registries for honeymoons.

These registries work very similarly to wedding registries. Instead of going to a store and scanning items for your new home, however, you go to the registry site and add wish list items such as airfare, hotel cost, excursion fees, spa treatments, and dining.

Whatever your destination, you can find items to put on your registry. By giving your friends and family options from your honeymoon, you can have a more memorable trip, and they can have the satisfaction of giving a gift that they know you will love.

There are a couple of kinds of honeymoon registries available on the internet. The first is through individual travel agencies. These companies work in the same way as traditional brick and mortar travel agencies, helping you book your complete trip.

However, they have the added bonus of the registry, much like your favorite department store. Once you book your trip through them, they will help you set up your registry, and you can provide the link to family and friends.

The second kind of honeymoon registry is an independent one. These companies don't actually help you plan your trip. Instead, they provide a venue for you to list the items you want, often from different websites or sources. With both kinds of companies, be sure to do your research!

Protect your identity, and look into the company itself. Make sure you're dealing with a legitimate organization. Also, compare prices.

Some sites offer registry services for little or no cost, making their profit from advertisements, but others have set-up fees and/or commissions. Take a little time to do your homework, and you'll be fine.

Honeymoon registries are an exciting new option available to engaged couples and their friends and families. With these services, couples who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford extended or distant honeymoons may end up with the trip of their dreams!

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