What are the Top Rated Hot Tubs for Treating Arthritis?

If you’re suffering from arthritis and have been searching for a way to get relief from home, a heat massage offered by a hot tub may be the answer. For a quality jacuzzi that will help soothe your joints for a bit of relief, here are some quality models that should be considered to help ease your pain.

Do Hot Tubs Help Arthritis Pain?

If you’re wondering whether a hot tub is really worth it to help arthritis pain, many studies show that it is. In fact, the use of moist heat like that you would get from a soak in a hot tub will increase the size of blood vessels and help to get blood moving. This can not only reduce pain at the moment of the soak but improve circulation for an activity such as exercise that follows. It will also make muscles relax, further improving comfort.

You can use a hot tub as a daily or twice-per-day stress reliever and muscle relaxer or as a way to warm-up and cool-down for an exercise routine. You are likely to find that this new piece of equipment is one of your favorites. Like any new therapy, consult a doctor if you are not sure a hot tub is appropriate, especially if you have other conditions.

Super Portable Sauna

If you lack a lot of space and don’t want to fuss with any special hookups or installation, the Spa-N-A-Box portable hot tub by Brookstone is a great little spa. This model plugs into a standard household outlet and can be up and running in no time.


Best For 'The Money'

Comfort Line Products Spa-N-A-Box Portable Spa
Amazon Price: $1,699.00 $960.00 Buy Now
(price as of Oct 26, 2016)

Taking only 73.5 inches of width, it will fit where other whirlpools won’t, and the hydro-therapeutic massage will relax muscles and ease pain. It can even be used indoors as well as outdoors. The seating is comfortably cushioned and does not have barriers, so as many as 4-5 people can easily fit. Whether you are short on space, a renter, or just want a hot tub that can be stored away in winter, this is a great choice.

Soothing Sauna with Room For Four

For a full-sized sauna that is very comfortable for up to 4 people, the Lifesmart Rock Solid Simplicity will do the trick. Each separate seating area has three high-therapy jets to sooth your back as the heat takes away the pain of sore muscles. The jets are adjustable and the spa body is made from a full foam insulation that will save energy and keep the water just right between uses. It also has an energy saving cover.

Best For Tall People

Lifesmart Rock Solid Simplicity Plug and Play 4 Person Spa With 12 Jets
Amazon Price: $2,999.00 $2,148.99 Buy Now
(price as of Oct 26, 2016)

In addition to the jets, there is a waterfall feature and easily accessible dials which make adjustments to the temperature or the air and water mix very simple. Like the Spa-N-A-Box, this spa is a simple plug and play unit, meaning it will run on standard household 110-volt outlets, so you won’t have to call the electrician to install it.

Serious Jets for Serious Relief

For those that want as many jets as they can find, the Lifesmart 600DX comes through with 65 therapy jets to hit every spot that needs it. This spa also includes a waterfall jet and will seat up to 7 people, although 6 will be more comfortable. The seating in this unit is open and barrier free, making it comfortable for people of all sizes, and each person will find several rotating jets in the back, in addition to the relaxing footwell jets.

Best Hot Tub For Cold Weather

This Jacuzzi also has a multi jet turbo blaster feature that will treat soakers to an amazing back massage. Like the Rock Solid Simplicity model, the 600DX has top side controls and adjustable air and water mix to get the settings to your liking. As this is a really serious hot tub, it does require 220-volt power, so a proper outlet is necessary, but it’s worth it.

Try a Moist Heat Option

Many sufferers of arthritis have already found out how much better they feel when a moist heat source like a spa is used on a regular basis, either for a twice-per-day therapy session or to loosen up for a workout. If you are looking to add this option for pain relief to your home, these fine hot tubs are worth a good look. The key is to decide whether you require the portability of the Spa-N-A-Box, the larger size but simple plug and play of the Rock Solid Simplicity, or a full-sized spa with jets galore like the 600DX. Then, all that’s left to do is sit back and soothe those joints and muscles whenever you feel the need.

Which hot tub will you buy and why?

Also, if you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding either the showcase of the best hot tubs for arthritis or about any of the models that have been specifically mentioned above then please do not hesitate to make them in the comments section that you will find just below and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.