If you are planning to spend your vacation in Egypt, you should definitely find out where  the best hotels in Cairo, Egypt are located.  Choosing the best hotels in Egypt can truly ensure that you will be able to make the most out of your stay. You have to consider the quality of service, comfort level and location of the hotel you are going to choose.

Here are some of the best hotels in Cairo, Egypt.

The Mena House Oberoi

One of the best hotels that you can find in Cairo, Egypt is the Mena House Oberoi. This hotel is near the Pyramid of Giza, which is considered to be one of the wonders of the world. Mena House Oberoi is described as having a very historic ambiance, as well as being surrounded by an extensive area of gardens that tourists may certainly enjoy.  The architectural style of this hotel is described as being very unique and is filled with authentic carvings and handcrafted murals that prominently reveal the rich culture and history of Cairo.  There are also many original artworks featured within the hotel.  Visitors will definitely feel like royalty as they take a tour of this majestic hotel.

Intercontinental Citystars Cairo

The Intercontinental Citystars Cairo is considered to be one of the leading hotels not only in Cairo, but also in all of Egypt. This is described as a state of the art hotel known to be filled with various artworks and handicrafts that reveal the rich history of the country.  You will definitely be amazed by the beauty of its lobby, which is very famous for its hand-painted ceiling. Impressive chandeliers also line the ceiling together with the glamorous spiral staircases that can be found within the entire hotel.

There are many rooms and private suites to choose from. About 774 rooms are offered in different packages, depending upon the interest and choice of the tourist. Every room is guaranteed to be very spacious, clean, modern and definitely elegant. There are also many dining options that tourists can choose from in the Intercontinental Citystars hotel. There are about 11 different restaurants and bars where tourists will definitely be satisfied with both the food and the full entertainment.

Le Meridien Pyramids

Another one of the best hotels in Cairo, Egypt is the Le Meridien Pyramids. This hotel is strategically located to give its visitors and tourists a very impressive view of the beauty of Cairo.  You can have a great view of the Giza Pyramids as you stay in this classy hotel. There are also many amenities that you can definitely enjoy as you stay at the Le Meridien Pyramids. 

There is a great swimming pool where you can truly relax and be refreshed. There is also a spa where you can head after a long tiring day of exploring the magnificent city of Cairo. You can also enjoy Mediterranean cuisine at its best as you dine in The Med, which offers you a very classy and relaxing dining experience.

The Concorde El Salam Hotel

Another one of the best hotels in Cairo, Egypt is The Concorde El Salam Hotel. This hotel is known for its huge structure and manor house inspired design that many tourists definitely enjoy. Many palm trees line the entrance of the hotel together with the impressive Georgian architectural design of the entire structure.  The lobby is lined with marble and each wall is filled with brilliant colors that tourists will definitely look forward to seeing.

There are also massive chandeliers that hang from its ceiling, making you feel as if you are inside a mansion right in the heart of Egypt. There are about 320 different rooms that tourists can choose from. There are also suites for those who want to have a larger and classier private space during their stay in Cairo. 

This hotel has a cinema that you can definitely enjoy during your stay. There are also a variety of business rooms if you plan to spend your event in this magnificent place.  Aside from these amenities, there is also a business center where you could avail yourself of different services, including  Internet access, translation, typing, and fax and even accessing your e-mails.

If you need some work to be done, you don’t need to worry because this hotel is equipped with the business services that you need. You can also taste some of the best Indian and Chinese cuisine right in the hotel at The Silk Road. You can also enjoy playing tennis within their courts and then relax and take a dip in their swimming pools, which are fit for both adults and children.

Conrad Hotel

If you are looking for one of the best business hotels in Cairo, you should definitely visit the Conrad Hotel. The Conrad Hotel is a huge structure that gives tourists the chance to choose among the variety of 617 air-conditioned rooms or suites, if you want a  larger and more private space.  You can also have an amazing view of the Nile River as you stay in this hotel, as it is quite near to this  wonder of nature.

The Conrad Hotel is also known for its impressive dining and entertainment features that greatly delight different tourists from almost every part of the world. You can choose among the various cuisines offered in the hotel for a one of a kind dining experience.  You can have international cuisine right at the Felucca Café or choose the Italian cuisine offered by the Villa D’Este.

This hotel is also known to have a Conrad Cairo Health Club for those who want to maintain a fit body during their stay in Cairo, Egypt. This health club is filled with all the necessary training equipment together with a sauna and massages areas for optimum relaxation.

These are some of the best hotels in Cairo, Egypt that you should definitely not miss during your vacation or stay. If you enjoyed reading this articles you may wish to read my article on the best places to visit in Cairo.