If you want to spend your vacation in Florida, you have to make sure that you will have an idea regarding some of the best hotels in the said area. This will ensure that you will be able to have a very relaxing and comfortable stay in Florida. Here are some of the best hotels that you should definitely consider once you decide to visit Florida.

James Royal Palm

One of the best hotels that you should definitely consider visiting while you are in Florida is the James Royal Palm. You can definitely be amazed by the beauty of this fascinating hotel. It has been considered as one of the top 10 most awaited or anticipated openings of the year 2012 in the very famous Forbes Magazine. You can truly relax by the breathtaking view that the James Royal Palm can truly offer to you. The place definitely has a very relaxing ambiance during the day or night. This is just one of the reasons why most tourists and travelers from different parts of the world would really love to stay in this place. 

The architectural style of the hotel is described to be a mix of vintage and contemporary designs that definitely bring out its true beauty. Every furniture and décor can surely impress the taste even of all the tourists and visitors. The ancient decors that are used in the entire hotel have been maintained and preserved properly through time.  The hotel is also in a very strategic location where you can definitely have a quick access to some of the most famous tourist attractions in the area. You can easily go to the famous Lincoln Road and even the Ocean Drive.  You can also have one of the most memorable shopping experiences as you explore these destinations.

In this hotel, you can have the chance to try out and relax through their two swimming pools. You are also offered with two different dining options where you can definitely taste some of the best dishes in Florida. You can also enjoy different beverages at their poolside bar. You can experience the best of relaxation through their famous full service spa where you can definitely choose among various treatments and therapies. There is also a special place for the children and there is even a shop and gym inside the hotel. Almost everything that you need is just right in the James Royal Palm hotel.  Every room is ensured to have enough space to make sure that your stay will definitely be made comfortable all throughout.

Acqualina Resort and Spa on the Beach

While you are in Florida, you should not miss out the opportunity to visit and eventually stay in the Acqualina Resort and Spa on the Beach.  This hotel can definitely give you a taste of luxurious and elegant living right on the beach. All the beach lovers will definitely enjoy their stay in this very fascinating and impressive hotel. The location can give you a breathtaking view of the ocean front right on the Florida’s Riviera. Every room or suite will definitely give you the space and the comfort that you need for a very relaxing and memorable vacation. There are 97 different elegant rooms and suites that the guests and tourists can definitely choose from. There are also 188 residences that you can also try to check out.  This hotel also features the ESPA which is a famous ocean front spa that can offer you some of the most relaxing and therapeutic spa services.  There are also three restaurants that you can choose from where you can have a taste some of the most famous dishes in the area. There are also three different swimming pools which can truly give you an amazing view of the ocean. There are also programs that are being offered for children. One of these is the AcquaMarine children’s program. 

This hotel is truly proven to be one of the best in Florida because it has received awards and recognitions like the Travel and Leisure Award together with the Conde Nast Award. This hotel has also been awarded the AAA Five Diamond Award in 2010, the Best Day Spa in Miami from the Allure Magazine in the year 2009 and the Spa Finder Reader’s Choice in the same year.

This hotel cannot only be used for personal vacation purposes but it can also be used for business meetings and banquets because they also have special rooms for such.

Hilton Bentley

The Hilton Bentley hotel is truly considered to be one of the top hotels in Florida that most tourists greatly enjoy. This is located in a very famous and magnificent 101 Ocean Drive in the South Beach area of Miami. You can definitely be amazed by the breathtaking view that this hotel truly offer. You can truly have an experience of a world class vacation right here in the Hilton Bentley hotel. This is also located near some of the best restaurants and bars in the area. It is also near some of the most famous shopping centers when you can definitely have some of the best finds in Florida. Every room and penthouse suite is ensured to have a huge space that can definitely accommodate the guests and provide them the comfort that they need in their vacation. Every room and suite has fascinating European decors and furniture that are matched together with Italian marble floors. There are also 42 inch LCD televisions and stainless kitchens that can truly make you feel at home. 

This hotel is also known for their famous Asian inspired relaxation center known as the Spa 101 where you can definitely get to try some of the most therapeutic and relaxing services that they offer. You can truly make the most out of your vacation once you decide to stay in the Hilton Bentley hotel.

These are some of the best hotels that you should definitely consider visiting once you are in Florida for your much awaited vacation.