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Human anatomy and physiology deals with the study of organs and systems: their mechanical, physical, bioelectrical and chemical functions. It is definitely one of the harder science subjects to study, the task is made even more difficult without proper reference material. Elaine N. Marieb and co-writer Katja Hoehn have come together to explain the subject in a meaningful and memorable way by writing Human Anatomy & Physiology. I believe this textbooks has outdone all the other books on this topic by putting together the contents of the book in an order that makes the subject more interesting and easy to understand. The authors completely understand the subject and provided an elaborate explanation on portions that can prove challenging to many people.

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Textbook Features

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The book features high quality pictures and drawings which make it easier to digest the subject and retain the information. Each section has a summary, or a detailed explanation for areas that are typically convoluted or complicated. There is also an overview of the entire chapter, followed by a questionnaire that helps check what the reader have learned so far.  

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The Bones and Muscles section of the book boasts of detailed drawings and real pictures that acts as high-quality visual aids. The pictures have diagrams, which many students and professionals find very useful as a reference. Many people consider anatomy and physiology to be a very challenging subject for medical students. The subject requires tedious work and extra effort in getting acquainted with all its aspects. I think Hoehn and Marieb have compiled the best human anatomy and physiology textbook for students and professionals alike, as it provides a comprehensive approach to the subject in an exceedingly easy way. Even the summary after each section provides an in-depth yet simplified information to help the reader understand and remember what has been discussed in detail.

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In most medical courses, the anatomy and physiology unit is divided into two topics. Initially the medical student first cover all the organs of the human body. After this the students progress onto how the different system of the human body function. This book completely envelops both sections, so it will come handy when learning about human anatomy and physiology. The book is well-worded so that even a layman can understand the subject. The only disadvantage that many readers have found about the book is in some of the sections that are comprehensive in nature. The book resolved this by providing extensive and detailed explanations about areas that need scientific jargon.


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The book speaks for itself, it’s a best seller. It’s a book that you definitely need on your shelf for future references. Therefore it’s worth the small investment. For a tough subject such as human anatomy and physiology, it pays to have a simplified study aid and reference that can walk with you through it step by step. One of the best features of the book is the effort put into producing highly detailed diagrams, pictures and sketches that are truly helpful in giving the reader a whole new point of view about the human body.