2010 has been a terrific year for new humor books, with a host of talented new authors entering the market and new books from perennial favorites such as Jon Stewart, Chelsea Handler, Lewis Black and the hilarious follow novel by Russell Brand. With so many great titles to choose from it has been difficult to narrow this list down to only the top 3, but I guarantee you that any of these books will be gratefully received if they are unwrapped from under the tree on Christmas morning.

Number 1: Sh*t My Dad Says – Justin Halpern

The first person to successfully transform a social media following to mainstream success, Sh*t My Dad Says started as a humorous Twitter feed detailing the dry wit of the author's father after the author was forced to move back in with his parents while out of work. What began as a joke quickly morphed into over a million twitter followers which has allowed Halpern to take his father's pearls of wisdom mainstream, creating not only the funniest book of 2010 but also a highly rated TV show on CBS starring William Shatner. This book has become a New York Times best seller and received almost universal praise for its wit and freshness, showcasing the world through the eyes of an old man who remembers a simpler time and has a big heart but often struggles to know how to show affection. Definitely not for the politically correct crowd, Sh*t My Dad Says is the perfect book to open to a random page and to read aloud, as Halpern's father helps to make the world a better place by calling it exactly as he sees it.

Number 2: Earth (The Book): A Visitors Guide To The Human Race – Jon Stewart

The spiritual follow-up to the best selling America: Democracy In Action, Earth is written as a mock encyclopaedia cataloguing human history, culture, religion and achievements to an alien race who find our planet in the distant future after we have annihilated ourselves. This bizarre pretext allows the book to follow the path that The Daily Show follows when it is at its best, irreverent mocking with more than a grain of underlying truth. The mock encyclopaedia format allows the writers to highlight human conflicts and ideological pursuits from an outsider's viewpoint and show tongue-in-cheek style that many of the things that people fight over (both figuratively and literally) matter very little in the grand scheme of things. Irreverent, politically incorrect, brilliantly written and stunningly presented as a stunning hardback coffee table style book, Earth: A Visitors Guide is essential reading for fans of Jon Stewart and The Daily Show team.

Number 3: Booky Wooky 2: This Times It's Personal – Russell Brand

The follow-up to the widely successful My Booky Wooky by English comic, movie star and now Mr Katy Perry, Russell Brand. With the first book dealing with Brand fighting and ultimately winning his lengthy battle against drugs, Booky Wooky 2 traces the author as he trades his old habit with sex, sleeping with allegedly hundreds of women. What follows is an amazing true story of self discovery as Brand reflects on both the craziness of his life and his world changing from being a mildly successful comic in his homeland to a certified worldwide star. Brand is a true storyteller, effortlessly blending humor and timing into his narrative which will leave the reader doubled over with tears of laughter. A fascinating and hilarious look into the mind and workings of one of a modern day comic genius, Booky Wooky 2 is one of those books that is impossible to put down.


No matter your comic leanings, these 2010 humor books will bring hours of entertainment and laughter to your life as you enter the inner world of some of the most writers comedy has to offer.

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