Ice hockey goalie equipment - Save on cheap sports gear

The goalkeeper in hockey might be the most important position on the ice. In order to play the position you need proper ice hockey goalie equipment. There are a number of goalie specific pieces that make up the entire set of equipment. The range of price for each piece of ice hockey goalie equipment varies based on features. There are a number of online and offline retailers that provide ice hockey goalie equipment.

What Ice Hockey Goalie Equipment Do You Need?

The main pieces that make up ice hockey goalie equipment are the leg pads; catch glove, blocker, stick and mask. Each one is engineered to specifically offer protection against highflying rubber pucks. When you are fully clothed in ice hockey goalie equipment you can usually feel safe that you won't be risking injury. Of course you do have some areas still exposed.

Goalie pads are the largest piece of equipment worn by the goalie. The pads get attached to the shins and stretch nearly the length of the entire leg. They are a large piece of protection and are built with thick padding. If a goalie uses them properly they can be as big of a weapon to save shots, as they are protection.

The goalie glove usually goes on their weak hand. Their stick is in their strong hand. The glove is available to catch flying pucks or cover up a loose puck in front of the net. A goalie can literally dominate the crease with superior glove hand skills. It offers flexibility and it needs to be comfortable on the goalies hand.

When you're picking out your goalie glove you want something that will break in and become comfortable. The break in process is similar to a baseball glove.

The goalie blocker pad goes on the stick hand. It has a grip on the inside what allows you to hold on to the stick. The padding on the outside can be used to save flying pucks. When you're picking out your blocker there are two important factors that need to be considered. You need the glove to fit and the padding needs to be thick enough to provide protection.

The goalie stick is an important piece of ice hockey goalie equipment. It is what the goalie handles the puck with. It can certainly be as big a liability as it is a weapon at times. If the goalie is using a stick they are not comfortable with they might cause more harm than good. Finding a stick that is weighted comfortably is essential to your ice hockey goalie equipment set.

The last main piece of equipment is the mask. This can be as much about fashion as anything. The goalie obviously wants something that fits comfortably and protects well. Other than that you can pick a mask on pure looks.

Where Can You Buy Ice Hockey Goalie Equipment?

Chances are you want to buy your ice hockey goalie equipment from an offline retailer that carries a wide selection. This will give you an opportunity to test out different pieces of equipment in order to find what fits best for you. You ant to put together an entire set that you are comfortable wearing and moving around in in front of net. If you have bought ice hockey goalie equipment before you might be able to find what you're looking for online.

The number one goalie specific online retailer is There you can find goalie equipment at a discounted rate. They cover all styles and sizes of equipment. If you know what fits you best, buying ti online might be best.

How Much Does Ice Hockey Goalie Equipment Cost?

It would not be abnormal to spend over $2000 on an entire set of ice hockey goalie equipment. Every piece of equipment ranges in prices that can get rather high.