Ice Skating Introduction

Do you want to go ice skating over the weekend but you just need a few tips so you could be a better ice skater? Well then carry on reading because through out this whole review I will be telling you the best ice skating tips. Ice Skating is an amzing sport because not only do you just skate around on the ice but you can do figure skating, play Ice hockey, play Bandy, tour skating, play ringette, short track and there are many more activities which you can do on ice as well. Did you know that if there is a river, lake, a puddle or etc near your house (or if you ever see one) then you may notice that when the weather is cold for example if it is snowing then the water can sometimes turn into ice, so people cIce Skating(62111)an ice skate and do other activities on the ice as well (which I have mentioned earlier)? How amazing, don’t you think? Well I definitely think so. Ice skating isn’t easy as it looks. If you ever have been ice skating then I bet you have fallen down a few times like I have. You can Ice skate in any country such as Australia, New York City, America, England and etc. Carry on reading if you would like to find out a little bit about figure skating, ice hockey, bandy and soon I will be telling you what the best ice skating tips are.

Fun Ice Skating Activities

Figure skating is basically dancing but instead of original dancing you have to dance on ice. Figure skating can be for boys and girls. You can skate on your own, with a partner or you can skate in a group as well. For figure skating you will need to learn how to dance and you wiIce Hookeyll also need to know how to skate on ice. Ice hockey is basically like normal hockey but on ice. This activity was first created on March 3rd 1875. Ice hockey is not only a sport but it is also a game. This game has to have at least five skaters (so in other words 5 or more) and a goaltender. The equipment you will need for ice hockey are: a helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads, mouth guard protective gloves, heavily padded shorts (which is also known as hockey trousers), athletic cup, shin pads, skates (obviously) and a neck protector (which is optional). The goaltender will have to have different equipment (some may be the same) which is: a neck guard (which is also optional), arm/ chest protector, leg pads, blocker and a catch glove. Bandy is exactly like ice hockey but instead of using a puck you have to use a bandy ball. The bandy ball is one of the reasons why they call this sport bandy. Carry on reading if you would like to know what the best ice skating tips are for ice skating.

Best Ice Skating Tips

Never look down when you are skating: the reason you should never look down when you are skating is because you have to look at the direction you are going other wise you will bump into something/ some body. I know that it is very tempting to look down at your feet buSkates(62114)t still I suggest you don’t look down.
Get a pair of good skates: The reason you should buy good skates is because some skates quality is just very poor and they can get damaged easily. Get a pair of skates which fit properly and provide good support.
Warm up before skating properly: The reason you should warm up before setting out to skate on the ice because you want your body to be pumping blood around so you can skate to the best of your ability. I suggest you have a quick warm up for your muscles other wise you might pull a muscle and we all know how painful that is!
Tie skate laces properly and wear your skates properly: You have to wear your skates properly because you might slip or hurt yourself and make sure that your skates fit you properly as well. If you don’t wear your skates properly then you will literally hurt your self and you might break a bone especially if you are on haWarm Up(62112)rd ice.
Get some skating lessons: If you are a starter or you think you need to improve on your skating then I suggest you hire some body to teach you a little bit about skating.
Keep your balance: If you are skating on ice remember to keep your balance and make sure you don’t fall because you could seriously injure your self.
How to stop: The main thing you will need to know is how to stop. If you want to stop (which you will at some point) bend your knees, turn the toes of both of your foot inwards, point your heels out and push out on your heels and that will make you slow down and then you will come to a stop.
Don’t take ice skating to serious: The reason I am telling you this is because some people take ice skating so seriously. If you fall down just quickly get up and just laugh because if you do take it seriously then I don’t think any body would ever want to go ice skating with you again (so make sure that does not happen). Carry on reading to find out some more fascinating information and facts about some of the best ice skating tips.


If I were you I would always go with a friend when ever you go ice skating just inStop Ice Skatingcase some thing bad happens to you. For example if you get injured, some body tries to make fun of your skating skills and etc. So next time you go ice skating remember all of these tips because let me assure you that some day this piece of information will be really handy. Well I hope that you have had fun reading this entire piece of incredible information and facts which is about what the best ice skating tips are (which is great if you would ever like to go to ice skating or just improve on your ice skating skills).