There are some really great ways to take advantage of the benefits bamboo has to offer. While many people have Tiki themed patio décor, bamboo fences, or bamboo floor mats, there are many other ways to use bamboo inside of your home. It is a renewable resource that looks great in any room of your house. Here are some cool ideas for introducing bamboo to your home.

Bar Stools: If you have a breakfast bar, a kitchen counter, or a cocktail bar, it can be really great to have some nice stools for your friends, family, or other guests. A bamboo bar stool is a really cool way to introduce bamboo to your home. The material is comfortable, easy to clean, and it looks great as a stool. In addition, bar stools are not a huge commitment, so if you are not ready to change your whole décor, you can get started with a few bar stools.

Coffee Table: One of my favorite bamboo accents is a bamboo bundle coffee table. Large bamboo trunks are bundled together as a stand, with a glass tabletop. The glass is easy to clean, and you do not need to worry about coasters, and you can still see the bamboo through the table. The large trunks are sturdy and look really elegant as a subtle bamboo accent. If you are ready for more of a change, try the table paired with a bamboo rug.

Storage: Most rooms could use some sort of storage, whether it is a basket for paper products in the bathroom, a rack for magazines in the living room, or shelving for movies in the den, you could probably benefit from some sort of storage rack, chest, basket or shelf. Bamboo is a really great material to use for these storage containers, and you can get them in a few different shades such as their natural color, burgundy, or black.

Bamboo is easy to clean, durable, looks great and best of all, is good for the environment. If you are looking for a way to reduce your carbon footprint, or even just to change things around in your house, bamboo is definitely the way to go.