Birthday party games for kids can seem like the hardest thing to come up for your child's party, but it doesn't have to be so difficult. Children love to be entertained by even simple measures.

You don't need to create elaborate games indoors for your child and his or her friends to have a good time. These three birthday party games for kids are always a hit because there is often a lot of laughing involved.

The first indoor game is called the "Faces Game." You will need the children to sit in a circle. One child will need to start the game out by being it. The child that is it will go around to each person and has one minute to make them laugh.

This can be done by making funny faces, telling a joke, or just laughing. If the child that is it can't get the other participant to laugh within the minute, they have to try the next person in the circle. Once someone else laughs, that person will then become it.

Birthday party games for kids can also be derivatives of other games. The next game is a fun follow-the-leader type game called "Follow the Animal." The child who starts out behaves like an animal of choice while the others have to follow. He or she will not tell the other children what animal it is. The first follower to guess what animal is being acted out gets to be the leader.

The third game is a simple fortune telling game. You will first need to write down the names of all the children who are at the party on pieces of paper.

Next you place them in a bag or a hat. Then you will have each child write out part of a fortune followed by the word "and." The other half of the fortune will be on a second piece of paper.

For example a child's fortune may read something like, "You will have a lot of money and," on one piece of paper, and the other half of the fortune on a second piece of paper, "live in a bubble on Mars."

Kids can be as silly as they want with these fortunes. You'll put the first part of the fortunes in a second bag or hat, and the second part of the fortunes in a third bag or hat to be drawn.

Indoor birthday party games for kids can be simple, yet fun. Children have a lot of fun with these games even though they don't require a lot of planning or time.

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