What does one look for in an indoor spinning bike? How about adjustable handles and seating, good cycling action, gears, accessories and warranty on wearable and regular parts? The following bikes all score big in these areas and will almost certainly always be included in the best indoor spinning bike reviews.

The Johnny G. spinning bikes are the standard against which other spinning bikes are built. The Johnny G. Pro bike is said to be the most popular indoor spinning bike despite the competition from other brands.

It has multi-position handlebars and the seat can be adjusted for a custom fit. This means that there is a very strong possibility that most riders can find a position which will be comfortable for them given the range of possible adjustments.

The flywheel is cast iron and the frame is of heavy-gauge steel construction. Its dimensions are 38” H x 42” L x 22” W and it weighs 90 lbs. The Schwinn IC Pro Indoor Cycling Bike is another favorite.

The bike is said to bring the feel of an outdoor bike to the indoors. It also has a fully adjustable seat position which enables the rider to adjust the seat both horizontally and vertically.

The handlebar can only be adjusted vertically not horizontally but most individuals should have no difficulty given the range of adjustment for individuals. This bike has been credited with a smooth drive system which allows for a smooth and fast ride.

It is said to give an intense workout. This bike also provides a dual pedal which allows for a choice of standard pedals or toe clips. The bike is said to be comfortable, easy to use and set up, stable and operates smoothly. Resistance adjustment is also easy with a turn of the knob.

The RevMaster Pro has a X-frame that allows easy access for all adjustments to seat, height and handlebar. With the new drop-handle there is no need to make adjustments by using pop-pins and threaded handles. It’s all done with quicker adjustments.

The RevMaster Pro also offers a comfortable fit with a wide adjustment range. The frame resists corrosion by using electroless nickel plating and a bottom bracket cartridge with 2 pieces which makes for easier maintenance and service.

The fender comes with an integrated brake assembly which provides improved braking and a moisture guard. The e-Spinner is the top of the line spinning bike that utilizes technology to enhance a work out.

The bike has a touch screen computer/TV which has downloaded spinning classes used to facilitate work outs and training. The bike maximizes comfort with an inbuilt fan and an adjustable and flexible seat.

The dashboard provides information on the cyclist’s heart rate, cadence and other relevant data. It weighs approximately 140 pounds.

These bikes will all provide a great workout when the weather won’t allow road work or if you just want to make an addition to your home gym. They are sturdy, take up relatively little spade and will provide.