Finding the Best Bunny Cages


Finding the right cage for your pet bunny rabbit can make a big difference in the health and comfort of your pet plus in can mean the difference between enjoying you rabbit or despising the time it takes to care for it. In the following paragraphs you will find a few reviews of some of the best indoor and outdoor rabbit cages. So if you are planning to be the new owner a fluffy bunny or are just planning to upgrade your current bunny's environment hopefully this article will help you make a more educated purchase resulting in a happier you and a happier bunny.


Best Indoor Rabbit Cages


Super Pet Indoor Rabbit CageChoosing the right indoor rabbit cage is probably a little more critical than an outdoor one if for no other reason than the fact that the messes that will be made will be in your home not your yard. One thing you should consider before buying a new cage is the size of your rabbit. No matter how nice a cage or hutch is if it is too small your rabbit will suffer and no one wants that so in the end choose a size appropriate cage. With that in mind here are a few of the better designed cages you will find available online.

For first time rabbit owner the Super Pet My First Home Complete Starter Kit is a great choice. It comes with everything you need for your rabbit including 18 x 30 x 16.5 inch home, bedding, water bottle, food dish, food, a toy and a pet care guide. The cage is made of chew proof coated wire and has a stain resistant deep plastic scatterless base that is easy to clean. There is some assembly but no tools are required. It retails for $70.95 but at the time of this writing is available at with free shipping.Super Pet Habitat Defined Rabbit Habitat

The Super Pet Habitat Defined Rabbit Habitat is definitely an upgrade. Great for small to medium   sized rabbit it has two levels and measures 41.25"L x 18"D x 18.75"H or 31.5" high with the included metal tubular stand with locking casters for easy movement. It comes with two doors one fully opening top door that is spring loaded and a smaller front door. The all the internal surfaces are made of a special antimicrobial plastic for maintaining a clean living space plus the base is extra  deep with rounded corners for easy cleaning. Other features include a wave ramp, elite comfort shelf, and a locking food dish. Also available at Amazon this cage is priced right at $100.00.


Best Outdoor Rabbit Cages or Hutches



Rabbit Hutch with EnclosureA lot of people make their own outdoor rabbit cages or hutches to save on money but a lot of the pre-made rabbit hutches for sale are comparable in price to the homemade jobbies if you add the cost of materials and time spent building. So for those looking to buy here are a few good examples. The first is the two story Rabbit Hutch with Enclosure the top story is an enclosed wooden pen with a small metal lattice front. There is also a small door in the front and the whole top opens for easy access to the inside. The bottom is a wood framed wire cage that gives your rabbit room to move and play. A small ramp connects the upper and lower level of the cage. The entire structure measures 45.5"W x 24.75"L x 38"H. It can be purchased for around $200.00 at or Amazon.Super Pet Rabbit Hutch 

If you are looking for something a little more basic then the Super Pet Rabbit Hutch may be just what you are looking for. This is a one story cage that measures 24.25"W x 48"L x 36.25"H. It is a wooden structure that has been stained with animal safe stain. It comes with a hay manger, nesting box and a pull out litter tray with wire grate. There are two doors on the front of the cage each with its own secure latch. This cage is ideal for any size rabbit large or small and is available from


Cheap Rabbit Cages and Hutches


All the cages and hutches above are really good products but a little pricey. So if you are looking for cheap rabbit cages there are a few options you have. One make your own from materials you already have, two go to yard sales, Good Will or flea markets to look for a used cage or three by new online. If you decide to buy new there are a few places to look like eBay, Amazon, which has small cages for less than twenty buck or visit which is a price comparison site. Of course cheap is a different price for everyone so maybe one of the above mentioned cages is cheap for you either way hopefully this article has helped in your search for the best indoor and outdoor rabbit cages.