If you are planning a trip to Europe, look at renting a villa in Italy. They are really becoming a popular for many vacationers in this beautiful country. These were built for the upper class as there second or even third residence built out in the beautiful countryside.

In Roman culture, this was never meant to be a main place of residence, so the elite of the city usually had at least 2 villas. They would easily be able to reach one from Rome and the other one was used seasonally.

Both villas would have permanent servants there to keep things running smoothly. Later, after the nineteenth century, villas in Italy were referenced as any type of single detached housing that was standing on its own, unattached from any other home or building.

The architecture in Rome is famous as are some of the villas in Italy. You can visit these while on your vacation and many of them are rented by tourists. There are Italy Villa rentals that will enable you to get way from the crowds of the city.

You may want to spend your vacation far enough away from the cities to enjoy some privacy, but close enough to enjoy the shops and restaurants. The Tuscany region provides a huge selection of villas if that is what you are looking for.

You can find Solagi Villas that offer not only the villas for rent but also farmhouses. You can also find the perfect villa in Italy near Venice that should suit your ever need or whim.

If you are traveling in a large group, the villas are a great choice as it offers the space and the flexibility you need. The rate will also be cheaper person when you stay in Italy villa rentals instead of a hotel or bed and breakfast.

Piemonte Villa is also another great option for a small group traveling in Italy. This is only a couple of hours from Milan and an hour from Torino.

This villa has a maximum capacity of 6 people with 3 bedrooms and 3 baths. Being over 200 years old, it is surrounded by over 3 hectares of land. It is found high in the hills close to a small village.

This is the perfect play to enjoy the beautiful landscape and some amazing views of the Alps when the weather is clear. There are vineyards lining in beautiful rows giving you the realization that you truly are in Italy and experiencing its beauty.

If you are worried about having the modern features of daily life, it is well equipped. The bathrooms all have electricity and plumbing and you will even have the benefit of high speed Internet service.

The furnishings are true to the villas old farmhouse history. With a fully updated kitchen, you will have everything you need. Italy villa rentals make it easy to experience Italy the way an Italian does.

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