One of the best things about swimming pools is playing on swimming slides. Especially for kids who are home, and playing in the swimming pool. Inflatable slides are perfect for above ground swimming pools. All kids enjoy sliding down a wet and slippery slide, and into the cold water on a hot summer day. There are quite a few advantages of buying inflatable pool slides. For one if you have kids, they can be a lot safer. Also inflatable slides don't need to be installed in the ground obviously, so that will save you a lot money and time. So when winter comes, and it is time to take down the pool for the season, obviously the slide isn't very hard to put away. For above the ground swimming pools, inflatable slides make a lot more sense for kids especially.

Why Buy Inflatable Pool Slides?

Most inflatable swimming pool slides for above the ground pools are design for kids to use and play on. They're safer for younger kids so they won't hurt themselves. Kids of the youngest of ages can use an inflatable slide without any problems. Most are very small and relatively cheap compared to other pool slides. However, some can cost hundreds of dollars, and even thousands depending on the make up of the model. Some are built like castles, and are much bigger. Some will come with other features that might make it a little more entertaining for kids to play on. There are also inflatable pool slides that are bigger, and can be used for adults. Those are expensive and will cost thousands of dollars.

Regular small inflatable slides are usually very light and weigh no more than 50. Above the ground ones for kids usually just float in the pool. They're filled with air and they're pretty durable and hard to break as well. The best inflatable  slides, and other pool accessories is made with PVC. PVC along with a combination of another very durable, and strong rubber is usually the materials used for inflatable swimming pool slides. Neoprene was once one of the more common fabrics used, but has recently been replaced with PVC fabrics for even more strength, insulation, and durability. Despite how soft they are they won't tear easily.

Best Cheap Inflatable Above Ground Pool Slides to Buy for Kids

If you got really young kids, then something small is safer for shallower swimming pools. You don't want something very steep anyways for really young kids. The Intex Waterslide is one safe and nice above the ground swimming pool slides to buy for kids of all ages. It costs under $100 dollars online at amazon. Kids over the ages of 3 years old can safely enjoy a fun slippery slide. One of the perks is that you can also attach the garden hose for extra slippage. It's not very big, and really simple to set up within minutes. It doesn't really take up much room in the backyard swimming pool. Works well for pools at least 3 feet deep. It should keep the kids occupied and entertained. The intex can float in the water, and can be used to slide off.


The Intex Waterslide for Kids

Best Inflatable Above Ground Pool Slides for Everyone

Rock Slide

Most inflatable pools are design for kids, but there are some bigger and more sturdy slides that even adults can have fun on. One of the better, and bigger above ground pool slides for adults is the Rock 6 Foot Climbing and Sliding Inflatable Rock. It's more design for kids, but adults can definitely use this above the ground pool water slide as well. It's very fun and big to play on. It's very expensive and goes for prices under $1,000 dollars. You can just plant it in the middle of your pool, and climb up on the inflated rock with the anchor attachment rings. It has a sleep incline position making it a little more entertaining. Recommended for deeper swimming pools.

6' Rock

6' Rock
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(price as of Jun 5, 2016)

If you want something slightly bigger the 7 foot Space Mountain Inflatable is a little higher, and more suited for ages 14 and older. It's very similar to the 6 foot rock climbing slide. It features 41 grip handles for climbing and can hold up to four people at a time. It's well made with the double sided and strong PVC vinyl leaving basically no chance of damage. It costs a little extra, but it is a bitter above ground pool slide for home use.