Kids can be difficult to put to sleep; we all know this that why buying the best inflatable bed for kids is so important. You want to buy an air mattress which is both durable enough to withstand your kids roughhousing but also comfortable and sturdy enough to let your child sleep throughout the night. Of course most kids can sleep on anything but if they aren't comfortable then they may not be prepared for the big days that inevitably come after nights on air mattresses. And as a parent you know how tired and cranky kids can be. That's why it's important to find the right air bed for them.

Best Inflatable Bed For Kids

Best Inflatable Air Mattress For Kids

One of the best inflatable kids beds is made by AeroBed. The AeroBed Sleep Away air mattress is an excellent choice for your children because it is very durable and comes from a well respected line of air mattresses. AeroBed has been making quality air mattresses for a long time and has attained a healthy reputation in the industry.

This specific kid's air mattress is a smaller size (50" by 25"); it's more appropriate for your children. And not only that, but it is also short (10" high) so if your kids fall off the mattress they don't have far to go. It is smaller than your ordinary adult's air mattress but big enough for them.

The Aero Bed inflatable children's bed is also constructed to be a heavy duty air mattress. Unlike adults children are not all that heavy but they do roughhouse and rambunctious kids can wreak havoc on air mattresses that are not up to a high quality standard. Not only is the kid's Sleep Away air mattress made of heavy duty PVC plastic but it is also designed with a safety cushion surrounding the entire air mattress which is meant to help small kids stay on the bed even if they roll near the edge.

And what kind of kids inflatable bed would be complete without the ability to be washable. Let's face it kids can make a mess of many things and the bed is just part of the territory. The best inflatable beds will have all the features this bed has but not a lot of them come equipped with a removable mattress pad which is washable. This is pretty convenient for those times when your kid has any kind on night time accidents.

Of course there are many options available in the air mattress department but you could go a lot worse that picking up an AeroBed Inflatable Mattress for your kids. There are slightly more expensive than some other kids air mattresses but you might just find them to be worth your money anyway.