If you are having relatives over, and you don't have a spare room, then you know you only have but a few choices. Invest in a sofa bed, put them on the couch, or inflatable mattress. Before you shudder with memories of those plastic air beds you had when you went camping or when you got stuck at your friends place for after party nights, that you rolled off of, check these out. There are all kinds of choices now, it all depends on how much you are willing to pay for a comfortable inflatable mattress.

No longer do you have to sit on the floor huffing and puffing to fill an air mattress up, or pumping like crazy on that bicycle pump you had to go and fish out of the back of the garage covered in webs, and pray that there is a plug somewhere to plug it when you are done. (The plugs always seemed to go missing, or leaked!)

No more rolling over in the night and falling off those skinny plastic air mattresses, or finding yourself flat on the floor in the morning when all the air came out in the night, or the noise those plastic ones always used to make, and the sleeping bag would just slide right off them right?

You can still of course get these air beds, but depending on how close you are with these particular relatives or friends, I would go and do some shopping and check out the latest in inflatable mattress beds that are on the market now, instead of digging through your camping gear locked away in the basement or garage.

Some of them might actually be better than your own bed, and you might end up kicking Aunt Bertha out of the new inflatable mattress in exchange for yours! (Actually this would make you look like the good relative if you offer up your own bed)

Here are Three Inflatable Beds that have good reviews, and although some come with their own pump, many times just a hair dryer set on low or medium heat will inflate them quickly. Just don't forget to spring for some bedding, rather than that old quilt you have laying around, or musty old sleeping bag in the closet, and your friends and relatives will feel welcome!

Coleman Double High Air bed With Pump - You are looking at approximately 85 dollars for this one, but it comes with a pump that fills this bed in under 3 minutes with the electric pump, and deflates it just as fast. It is just like the title says, a double height, so that your friends or relatives will not feel like they have to roll on the floor first before getting into bed! You can store this in a closet afterwards, as it flattens and folds away for storage.


Coleman Double-High SupportRest, Queen
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(price as of May 2, 2016)