If you're planning on doing some down river whitewater kayaking this summer, you'll want the very best kayaks for fun and safety purposes. Kayaking is an entertaining summer activity, especially if you have learned how to whitewater kayak down river streams. You want the absolute best since whitewater kayaking can be very dangerous. One of the best kayaks for water rapids are inflatable canoes. Inflatable canoes are lighter and easier to paddle for beginners. Fiberglass and plastic are common materials found in most kayaks, but inflatable is safer, more efficient, and just provides an overall better experience. Down below are some of the advantages of inflatable white water kayaks, and some of the best ones to buy out on the market.

Advantages of Inflatable Whitewater Kayaks

Your first impression might be that inflatable kayaks aren't durable as fiberglass, or plastic even. In fact, they're even more durable, and reliable. Inflatable doesn't dent, and break easily at all. Inflatable whitewater kayaks are vowed as being safer for whitewater kayaking. The highest quality inflatable kayaks are made with PVC, or a strong heavy hypalon that's more capable of bouncing off rapids. Inflatable strong rubber ricochets more naturally than fiberglass or plastic. Inflatable kayaks are perfect for beginners, since they're not very hard to paddle and maneuver at all. Fiberglass is much heavier, and can be a real challenge to paddle if you're not really experienced.

One of the best advantages of inflatable whitewater kayaks is how easy they are to carry, and store. That's the real hassle with hard shell kayaks is how heavy they are. They're so big and spacious, and can be difficult to travel with. Most people don't have the room to keep them stored in their vehicles. An inflatable canoe only weighs about 50 pounds, and can usually hold up to 400 pounds at a time. They're extremely easy to set up as well. Prices for the best inflatable whitewater kayaks aren't too steep as well. One of the key features to look for in the best kayaks include scupper holes in the cockpit for water drainage. Inflatable kayaks that feature secured knee strap anchors are also recommended for safety purposes. They'll keep you firm and steady.

Different Types of Whitewater Kayaks

Playboat:  The playboat is shorter, and makes it much easier to maneuver . Playboats are known as a freestyle boat. A playboat is not as fast downstream, but it maneuvers better, and it can be used to perform tricks in the water. Not highly recommended as a down stream kayak. A playboat is just for one person only. A playboat is basically a surfing whitewater canoe. It's not a traveling kayak.

Creekboat: For down rivers and more speed, creekboats get you to where you need to be. They're the traditional whitewater canoes that  range anywhere between 8-10 feet in length. They're much more stable than a playboat, and can withstand much harsher water rapids.

Sea Eagle SE330 Deluxe InflatableCredit: www.amazon.com

Best Inflatable Whitewater Kayaks to Buy

Probably the absolute best and most versatile inflatable canoes on the market are the Sea Eagle kayaks. Prices for Sea Eagle canoes aren't too steep. The Sea Eagle SE330 Deluxe Inflatable Kayak is your pro-typical two person kayak that's built for white water rapids down stream. What makes it so unique is that its one of the lightest inflatable canoes on the market. It only weighs a mere 26 pounds making it very easy to lug around. It will hold up to 500 pounds of weight. Some of the key features include a self-bailing drain valve, front and rear rope handles, I-beam construction floor for extra rigidity, inflatable spray skirts, and three air chambers. It will fit up to three people. Luggage and bags can also be stored.

Playboat Whitewater Kayak

Creekboat White Water Kayak