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Strengthening the inner thigh muscles and burning the accumulated and bulging fat around that area can be quite challenging. This is mainly because this area has a layer vastus medialis and gracilis muscles which are very stubborn. Thankfully, the best inner thigh exercises stipulated below can help you to strengthen and burn off the fat effectively.

Inner thighs, also known as hip adductors, are charged with the task of providing stability, especially when the body is involved in physical activities such as swimming, walking or running. When there is excess fat deposition which later bulges out of the inner thighs, the thighs rub against each other when one is walking. This further leads to the development of skin rashes around the thigh region which can be quite painful.

On the other hand, weak inner thigh muscles cannot provide adequate stability. Here is how you can get rid of the excess inner thigh fat and strengthen the muscles.

1. Lunge Stretches…The University of Maryland Medical Center considers lunge stretches as one of the best inner thigh exercises. This is mainly because of its effectiveness; a side lunge stretch can help you strengthen the inner thigh muscles. Start off by standing straight, holding your feet shoulder-width apart from each other. Stretch your right (or left) leg to a distance of approximately 3 feet.

Make sure that you don't under-stretch or overstretch as this will impede you from achieving and maintaining the correct posture of the upper part of your body. Now, bend your right knee sufficiently but make sure that the left one doesn't touch the floor. Equally important, make sure that your upper body remains erect during this postures. Do up to 10 repetitions per leg, holding the lunge for about 20 seconds in every posture. This is one of the best leg exercises for women for getting fast results.

Another Real Good Inner Thigh Exercise

2. Inner Thigh/Hand Stretch…This is another option that involves stretching those thigh muscles as well as those of the hand at the same time. Sit on a flat surface (preferably the floor), and then press the soles of your feet together. This position is like sitting cross-legged, but instead of crossing the ankles, you press your soles together. The next step is to place the arms behind you, palms facing down and the fingers pointing away from your body.

While keeping your back upright and straight, breathe in and press your knees against the floor. The knees will move downwards and your feet open up further, but make sure that you keep holding the soles of your feet together. When you get the urge to exhale, maintain the posture and slowly return your knees to the start position. Repeat the exercise five to ten times.

Using a Towel for Exercising the Inner Thigh

3. Towel Press… Towel press is the third in the list of the best inner thigh exercises. It's quite a simple exercise but it has incredible benefits especially in toning the muscles. Roll your bath towel into a tube then sit on the floor and stretch out the legs. Place the rolled towel between your knees and try to push your thighs together.

If you would like to make the exercise more intense, rest your back on the floor and lift both feet in the air. Make sure that your legs are straight then place the rolled towel between your knees. Rest both hands on the sides and the exert pressure on the towel, holding the position for about 30 seconds. Do about six to seven repetitions on a daily basis

Thigh Exercise for Strengthening and Isolating the Muscles

4. Thigh Lift…Among the better exercises, thigh lift is the perfect one for isolating and strengthening muscles. Lie down on your right side in a banana shape, and then lift your head slightly, supporting it with your right hand: elbow rested on the flat surface.

Now take the left foot and try to bring it in front of your hips, while moving the left hand below the left foot calf. Place the hand outside your left ankle. Maintain this position for a while and then perform 7 repetitions from each side.

My hope is that you have grasped the afore-mentioned best inner thigh exercises and that you can perform them properly. Be sure to see all the Thigh Exercises that will help you reach your goals.



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