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When you go hiking it is important to have the best insoles for hiking. Everybody knows that hiking can be hard on feet and legs if you don't buy quality footwear. Everything that you wear on the feet matters such as socks and insoles as well as shoes or hiking boots. It doesn't make any difference if you're a avid hiker or beginner you still need the best insoles for hiking that you can afford. However, I don't know if you can put a price on comfort and staying pain free during a long hard hike. So, it might be a good idea to not scrimp when comes to hiking and footwear.

One of the best insoles for hiking is Superfeet Trim to Fit Green Insole. You can get them on online, so it's as fast as a couple of clicks away. In fact, I believe Amazon carries them, an online store you can trust. Also, if you like to ski they work great in ski boots as well. The shock absorption provided is excellent for the back and knees, since they're so sturdy and well made.

Also try Spenco Polysorb Hiker Insoles they're less expensive than Superfeet, but still provide adequate support and cushioning. Even though they cost less they're still durable and will surely get you through the hike comfortably. They're also good for standing on the job for long periods and for use in all types of athletic wear. Spenco has a full line of insoles for active people on the go.

When looking for the best insoles for hiking you can't leave out Lynco Sports Orthotics. They are a bit pricier; however, as mentioned above you can't put a price on comfort and pain free hiking. If you have problem feet these are the insoles you need for hiking. They have a full line of insoles that are sure to meet all your activity needs. They're designed to provide unmatched support and stability.

Consider Powerstep Pinnacle insoles for high arches and plantar fasciitis, as they provide excellent arch support and comfort for heel pain. You get a perfect blend of cushion, comfort and spring that is effective in eliminating pain or strain in the ankles, knees and lower back. They're in the medium price range a little more than Spenco insoles, but less then Lynco Orthotics.

Insoles for Hiking and Socks

Of course, hiking socks and hiking insoles are connected and it matters what type of socks you wear when hiking. If you have quality insoles and wear socks that aren't designed for hiking what do you think will be the result? Especially, if it is a long hard hike! This is also true the other way around if you wear poorly made insoles with quality socks what then? Anyway, you get the idea.

An excellent choice for hiking socks is Thorlo they protect feet with the best of them. Hiking puts a lot of demand on the feet and thorlo hiking socks help meet that demand. They're well padded for cushioning and keep feet at a comfortable temperature as well as help prevent blistering.

Then there's the Smart Wool hiking sock that will fit perfectly with the best hiking insoles to make hiking a wonderful experience instead of a painful disaster. The Smart Wool hiking sock keeps feet dry and comfortable no matter what the temperature. They also fit nicely and are durable. Go to the to check out and purchase Smart Wool hiking socks.

A third choice is the Wigwam hiking sock. One of the best things about this sock is that they seem to last forever. You can also wear them year around they make them light enough for warm months.

One last inexpensive line of hiking socks is Coolmax. You're sure to get miles of trail climbing fun out of these as they're well made for the price. Available online at Amazon and

When you combine quality hiking socks with the best insoles for hiking you can't help but have a fun filled, pain free hiking experience.

Shoe Insoles Shoe Inserts Superfeet

Superfeet Insoles

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