No matter how scientifically developed the world may become, the magic of dolls will forever remain in the imagination of little girls. Dolls have always, and will always, stimulate the nurturing and caring instinct of little girls as well as involve them in role play from a tender age.

As the world changes, so have the dolls. On the doll market today there is a multitude of interactive dolls that are actually able to talk back to children through means of voice recognition software.

There are some truly awesome, educational interactive dolls on the market, all of them wonderful in their own right.

‘Amazing Amanda’, the wonder doll from Playmates Toys, is one of the best interactive dolls available. Amazing Amanda is most suited for toddlers and can express ‘emotion’ as well as take part in a ‘sort of’ two way conversation with her owner. She eats, speaks, identifies objects and responds to her Mommy’s voice. This doll even has an internal clock and so can tell the time, and can also act as a reminder for upcoming events, such as birthdays and Valentines’ Day.

A Toys R Us, exclusive, Darla is an interactive doll that is responsive to the slightest touch, which is quite similar to a real baby. She can be ‘woken up’, by simply touching her tummy. This doll sleeps, cries, giggles and says Mama in response to what the child does to it while playing. This is an excellent learning toy for a toddler. The price range is approximately $24.00

The ‘Dora Learn your Name’ doll is a wonderful educational toy as well as a cushiony playmate. Interactive Dora knows over 100 games and stories and can learn the name of the child, along with the names of family members and friends. Amazing! What is really cool about Dora is the fact that she can be programmed from inside the box. Imagine a child unwrapping her Dora present, and being shocked because Dora already knows her name. This doll retails between $25 and $35.

The ‘Little Mommy Baby Knows’ doll is also considered to be one of the best interactive dolls available. This Mattel made doll is interactive all over; she responds to touch by naming the body part being touched. This ‘brainy’ doll sings songs, recites the alphabet, plays games and if that wasn’t enough, she is also bilingual. This doll is available in multi-ethnic versions, so you can choose the one that is just right for your child. She retails for approximately $18.00.

These sophisticated interactive dolls have proven to be excellent teaching tools for children of varying ages. By disguising learning activities as fun time, children can develop in many areas while at play. All of the above-mentioned dolls had mostly excellent reviews from customers, with the positive things far outweighing the negative.

For the most part, people had trouble with simple things such as batteries dying too quickly, the doll crying too much or the doll not readily recognizing the child’s name even after several recording attempts.

In spite of these set-backs, these dolls can be classified as the best interactive dolls now available, as they do accomplish their objective, which is to provide interactive companionship to children while simultaneously providing some sort of educational information.