Best Investment Firms

The uncharted waters of investment can often appear murky at best and shark-infested at worse. With scandals like that of financier Bernie Madoffs major debacles; and subsequent collapse, of companies like Bear Stearns hitting the news cycles daily it can be difficult to navigate which firms are established, cost-effective and; more important, trustworthy. The aim of this article is to showcase some of the best investment firms and perhaps ease some understandable apprehension.

Widely considered to be the “platinum standard” in investment, Goldman Sachs takes the details and tiniest consideration of its client into account. Founded by Marcus Goldman in 1869 on the principle of full exposure to its clients worldwide and honest business practices, the company cut its teeth as a commercial lender. Although not immune from its share negative press, today they continue to garner praise among their; primarily affluent, clientele. Goldman Sachs is always looking to diversify into high net gain industries. They were on the cutting edge of the dot com era and have survived it with titan strength.

If you feel your net worth and knowledge are not on par with mega firms like Goldman Sachs, a more feasible and practical method might be to go with a firm and name you use every day. Invest through your local bank! Take for example Citigroup; owners of Citi Bank, or J.P. Morgan Chase, owner of Chase Bank. Both of these firms have been in retail banking and private investment for over 200 years and have a small community and large corporate presence. Almost everyone looking to invest has an account at a local bank and familiarity with its employees that may inspire confidence for a first time investor.

As an investor’s portfolio grows so too do his or her needs and desires to diversify. If you are searching for a firm well versed in global diversification with a personable touch USB may be the best choice for you. While its headquarters are in Switzerland making them situated perfectly among the international banking community their local offices and web-based features give stateside investors avenues for advice and access for those clients who travel often.

In today’s uncertain economic world, whether you are a seasoned professional or new to the world of investment there is a firm available that can cater to your demands. Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan Chase, Citigroup, and UBS are just a few of the best investment firms to choose from. Remember to look for costumer reviews before moving all your capital into a new bank.