Best Investments For 2011

Finally the year of 2011 has arrived and everyone wants to know just what the new year will bring to their portfolio. Everyone wants to know, what are the best investments for 2011. To fully understand what the best investments are we have to look at the bigger picture and be able to forecast what is arriving.

We have recently gone through a recession and there have been massive bailouts. Certain industries in the United States will get the green light to start spending some of the billions that have been allocated to them from the stimulus package. The majority of the stimulus package has not been cut up yet. If you can figure out exactly where a few billions will be spent you can buy an Exchange Traded Fund related to the companies involved and you are sure to prosper.

A new technology that has begun to emerge is cloud computing. Cloud computing is the ability to have an operating system or hard drive so to speak be electronically hosted within the internet. This technology will allow business to be location independent as having work stations within a skyscraper will technically not be necessary.

Another investment that has been making a splash in the investment world and foreseen to grow in the year 2011 is Sirius Radio. Sirius radio at the end of 2010 has become profitable for the first time in a long time. They technically have a monopoly on the satellite internet industry and many top analysts are confident it will become a powerhouse as China and India modernize.

Because of the recession there has been heavy investing into stable industries such as utilities. The pouring of capital into hydro electricity and solar power has made investing in those industries a potential lucrative area to be in while 2011 goes on.

For specific companies there seems to finally be a turn around in the United States banking sector. Companies like Citi Bank and AIG have finally posted a net profit margin and investors are starting to return their capital back into these stocks.

The gambling sector is another area that still hasn't turned around. People are literally taking a gambling on some casino stocks as it seems that Las Vegas is having a hard time recovering. One of the only casino stocks to have made it unscathed through the recession is Wynn.

Remember that the prices of stocks are not fully controlled by the underlying company and if it is actually doing well. A lot of stock trading is pure psychology. Once the majority of the high earners in the world pull out their capital from slow gainers like bonds and put them back into the volatile markets that is when there will be a chance for real market beating gains.