Purified air in the home is leading concern for many people. Using an ionic air purifier reviews will help remove the toxins in the air as the air is charged electronically to collect the pollutants every home has in the air.

The electronic charge results in the sticking of the toxins to an easy to clean strip that does not require additional replacement parts or strips. One such ionic air purifier reviews is the Sharper Image that is highly recommended for the top quality air needed in the home or office.

It does effectively clean the air but also lacks the force to move large volumes of air through the cleaning plates without a fan, which the Sharper Image doe have compared to the Ionic Breeze that lacks the fan to move the air effectively.

One type of ionic air purifier reviewsthat moves the air effectively is the whole house filters that use the electrostatic technology using fans to pull the air effectively through the plates for an overall home clean air system.

The Ionic Pro Air Purifier effectively cleans the air with a buffer that cleans the air with high consumer ratings for the performance as well as the price.

The price ranges $114.95 to $149.99 with the extra collector plates costing $30. Other comments include the appearance and design of the unit that are a very positive effect for the consumer who wants an attractive air purifier for the home.

The Ionic Pro is a reverse engineered Breeze replicated model that sells for over 40% less than the Sharper Image being available in major retail stores such as Target and Wal-Mart.

The Pro shares some of the negative factors of the Breeze that is manufactured in China using an American design with a price tag about $114.95.

Part of the essential functions of an ionic air purifier is the removing of hazards to the ozone. The models both effectively remove the hazards with quiet and smooth running units that consumers apparently enjoy. The motors are noiseless even with the fans that push the air through the plates.

The Honeywell 50250 is considered a better product based on ionic air purifier reviews since it moves ad purifies 12 times faster and more air than the other products in the same category and price range.

The CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) is about 20 meaning this product has a higher rating and approval by specific standards. The design is a tower style making it more appealing to consumers.

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