An incredible part of your vacation will be Italy sightseeing. This is in fact one of the biggest reasons to even visit this great country.

The country is filled with a culture enriched with history. You will see historic monuments and buildings, museums of every kind, all making your trip totally eventful.

Rome is the epitome of Italy sightseeing. There you will experience the Coliseum, a famous landmark that was built by the Emperor Titus in the year AD80. It was used for games and battles with gladiators.

Another great sight is the Parthenon, a huge temple build in AD120 and remained there until 1960. It was known for having the largest dome in the world.

The Pisa Cathedral is actually a bell tower that is made up of a group of 4 beautiful white marble buildings. In 1173 construction started and went on for 200 years because of so many interruptions. Because of the time of construction taking so long, the bell tower started to lean. And this is how it got its name "the Leaning Tower of Pisa."

If you are planning on doing a lot of Italy sightseeing, you may want to help to arrange everything, or you may be having more fun planning it all yourself. There are some links here to help with several companies that offer tours.

If you choose a guided tour, you will be taken on a pre-set route that takes you through the sights of Italy. There will be guides that speak fluent English and will have a vast amount of information to answer any of your questions.

There will be tours on your Italy sightseeing vacation that allow you to get off the bus to explore and later catch another tour bus from that same touring service. You may prefer to walk and just take your time with all the sights and sounds. Or you can just sit back, enjoy the tour without ever getting off the bus.

No matter what you choose you will have a wonderful and eventful vacation filled with memories of the beautiful country of Italy.

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