Best Jackie Chan movie

Jackie Chan is famous for quite a few of his movies. The actor has acted in a range of movies and most of these are comedies. Jackie Chan was born in a poor family and his parents (who initially thought of giving him up for adoption) took care of him in Hong Kong and then, in Australia where they relocated later on. The actor was enrolled in the Child Drama Academy where he studied for 10 years. He also became one of the highest paid actors in Asia after signing a contract with Golden Harvest.

Rush Hour 1

The movie Rush Hour 1 is the best Jackie Chan movie. The script was hilarious and he seemed to have been able to act better in this movie as compared to some of his other movies. For example, Rush Hour 3 was not as successful as the first part of the trilogy. This may have been because of the fact that the story of Rush Hour had become a tired one- two men, of different cultures, fighting crimes together- and in addition to this, the movie didn’t bring anything new to the table which would show that Chan had progressed and had become a better actor than he was before.

Rush Hour 1 also showed that Jackie Chan was more capable of taking up roles that were not within his comfort zone at the time. By way of example, parts 2 and 3 of the trilogy didn’t show any of his side/skills that weren’t already shown in part 1.

Chan has either acted in movies that were really good or really bad. The Tuxedo was a silly and lame movie, not worth watching at all. The script was poor, the acting was even worse and the best part in the whole movie was probably when the credits came up after the ending!

Another movie of his is The Medallion in which Chan acts as a cop who suffers a fatal accident which involves a medallion. The plot was lousy, the acting was all over the place and the movie really isn’t worth watching twice, let alone once.

Some of Chan’s better movies were Shanghai Noon where the actor was paired up with Owen Wilson. The two made an amusing combination- possibly even better than that of Chan and Chris Tucker. There is more depth to it and the script was more mature though, both, Shanghai Knights and Rush Hour have the same amount of action and the stunts, too, were more or less the same. If you are watching the movie for the script, then you would like Rush Hour more than its sequels and more than any other Jackie Chan movie.

Rush Hour 1 is arguably the best Jackie Chan movie because of the fact that it was much more different than any of his other movies and because it showed a side of this legendary actor which wasn’t seen in any of his previous movies (or in the later ones either for that matter).