Looking for the best jazz guitar books? Jazz is one of those styles that take years to master. There are many jazz method books on the market that can help you learn how to play this complex guitar style. Books along with a good jazz guitar teacher are your best recipe to master this guitar style and become a great jazz guitar player.

Beginning Jazz Guitar: The Complete Jazz Guitar Method (Book & DVD) by Jody Fisher

This book and DVD teach you the concepts, theory, and techniques behind the jazz guitar style. You'll learn how to apply them to both lead and rhythm jazz guitar playing. You'll learn chord construction, major scale fingerings, and modes of the major scale, how jazz works, finger style chords and much more. This book will get any jazz player off to a good start with this guitar style. Try the intermediate and master book in this series for a complete jazz guitar course.

Hal Leonard Guitar Method: Jazz Guitar by Jeff Schroedl

This book features lessons and forty jazz classics. This book is your complete method for learning jazz guitar. The book uses real songs to teach you the tools and techniques you need to become a jazz guitar player. You'll learn how to improvise in the styles of Wes Montgomery, Joe Pass, Charlie Christian, Jim Hall, and others. You'll learn chords, progressions, scales, licks, comping, and solos. The companion CD will help you learn the material covered in the book.

Berklee Jazz Guitar Dictionary by Rick Peckham

This guitar style contains many altered and advanced chord forms and it can be tough to memorize them all. This chord dictionary is a handy reference for all the chord forms you need to play the style. The dictionary includes over one hundred chord forms from basic 7ths, to bass note chords. The dictionary features many moveable chords you can move to different keys for even more chord variations. The book features inversions and exercises too.

The Versatile Jazz Guitarist by Richard Amster

This book with a CD covers all the concepts of jazz guitar playing in one complete package. The book contains hundreds of examples, exercises, and practice tracks on the CD. Learn basic theory with this book as well as advanced chord substitutions. You'll learn the notes and the intervals on your guitar fretboard as well as how to make chords. The book contains the nineteen essential jazz guitar scales and you'll get exercises to help you master the scales and use them in your own playing. You'll learn jazz guitar comping and how to develop a sense of timing. You'll learn how to read lead sheets, identify scales for songs, and how to develop your ear for jazz. The book has progress charts with questions so you can chart your progress through the material. If you want to learn jazz from the ground up and get a solid foundation in the style this book will help you gain all the tools you need.

Intervallic Designs for Jazz Guitar: Ultramodern Sounds for Improvising by Joe Diorio

Expand your jazz guitar playing with this book by legendary jazz great Joe Diorio. Topics covered in the book include designed of tonality, diatonic harmonies, the diminished scale, dominant chords, altered chords, chromatic scales, harmonic applications, the perfect fifth interval, freestyle improvisation, and other concepts for study.

Chord-Melody Guitar: A Guide to Combining Chords and Melody to Create Solo Arrangements in Jazz and Pop Styles

In this book you’ll master combining melody and harmony with this book and CD package. You'll get in-depth studies of chords and melodies as well as demonstrations of techniques on the CD. You'll learn chord shells, inversions, voice leading, cadences, diminished chords slash chords and other advanced chord concepts.