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The average man needs a good pair of jeans that he can trust.  He doesn't require anything cool.  Just durable, long lasting, comfortable  and approved by the woman in his life.  Going out into the world of shopping, however, can get overwhelming and confusing very fast.  With many options to choose from, how is a man supposed to know which pants will meet at the intersection of value and performance?

The Best Men's Jeans Revealed

I want to share with you today the absolute best value, performance and quality in the men's pants market.  Though all the options I highlight may not fit your sense of style, I think at least one of them will call out your name.  Let's check them all out!

The Classic

Levi's 501's are the product that people think of when they think "blue jeans".  They are simple, American, tough and come in a variety of shapes and colors.  With that said, they are also reasonably priced, making them the "every-man's" jean.

These pants are the number 1 model out there for the average man.  Want to blend into a public setting?  These are your jeans!

I have a friend who turned me on to 501's, and he wears a pair of them every day to his job as a professional technician.  He says that they are the toughest, affordable pair of jeans that he has ever bought, and he reccomends them in a heartbeat.  Even when they do rip, he repairs them and they last for even more years of hard useage.  You just can't beat this classic by Levi's!

The Cool Pair

Are you looking for a cool pair of jeans?  Do you want to have something a little more fitted that will turns heads as you walk by on the street?  Look no further than the 7 For All Mankind Classic Bootcut Jeans.

This ultra-hip model of jeans still clocks in under $100, less expensive than many other hipster options on the market.  Featuring 2 distinct colors, these signature pants also include a specialized, custom squiggle as the back pocket ornamentation.  These jeans are truely a great fit, as their are not too tight, but do fit the form of the leg well.  Simply put, if you want to look really cool, these are the jeans for you!

The Working Man

The last pair of pants I want to show you appeal greatly to the working man.  The Carhartt Relaxed Fit Straight Leg is the classic model built by working clothes manufactorer Carhartt.

If you've ever worn a Carhartt jacket, hat, socks or pants, you know the level of quality and comfort that are associated with Carhartt.  These are jeans that will last you many years, and they will not give up, whether that be working on a construction site, or just around the kids and grandkids.

These are not the fanciest jeans ever, nor are they super-stylish.  However, if that's not a concern for you, these are awesome pants.  Backed by over 150 5-star reviews on Amazon, you really can't go wrong with these quality products!